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  • we got a lot to discuss.

  • Jason Tatum agreeing to a five year max extension that's worth $195 million if Tatum makes all MBA this season.

  • Now, this is all based on the projected cap.

  • The deal was expected, but considering how Boston has lost some big free agents recently, Jackie, what does this extension signal to Celtics fans, coupled with Gordon Hayward's departure?

  • Well, I can tell you, it's been a very rugged few days for Celtics fans, and I think what this signals Rachel is There was a little buzz after Gordon Hayward left and the Celtics got nothing.

  • Remember now the third player in the last two season toe walk Kyrie Irving before him and Al Horford before him as well.

  • And I think there was some buzz around the league.

  • Do people not want to play in Boston?

  • I think Jason Tatum is saying, You pay me the max, I'll be very happy to play here and I'll be your cornerstone.

  • And so there's a sigh of relief here in Boston because he's the most important player.

  • This was a no brainer for the Celtics to try to get this done.

  • Yeah, big picture.

  • The story of the Celtics season was Jayson Tatum.

  • Emerging is a legitimate all N b A level superstar with this contract, Signals is, here you go.

  • This is what you get paid.

  • If you're legitimate, all n B A level superstar and to Jackie's Point, it's a reminder that boy that's trade with Brooklyn talk about a trade that changed the landscape of the MBA and still ripples to this day because Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown are in Boston because of that trade, and they're really the only constant.

  • Al Horford's gone.

  • Gordon Hayward's Gone, Kyrie.

  • Irving's gone, Isaiah Thomas has gone.

  • Those two are the franchise now, and as long as they're there, Boston is gonna be relevant and really good in the East.

  • But boy, without that Brooklyn trade, its's hard to imagine where they would be.

  • Well, listen well, Listen, I understand people had concerns, but I didn't and his wife without those guys leaving, going Heywood Kyrie, Irving Al Horford.

  • We wouldn't have got a chance to see the full potential of Jayson Tatum.

  • They were just in this way, and then all of a sudden he took off.

  • He took off towards the last part of the season, right around the All Star break, and he started to re superstar status.

  • And now guess what happened.

  • Everybody's moving.

  • Gordon Haywood left.

  • They got money on the table.

  • Danny Agent with Gross back and Steve Packer.

  • Luga.

  • That's what they did.

  • Video.

  • Back up the Brink's truck and they paid this man.

  • This is the This is the new Paul Pierce of the Celtics, right?

  • He's gonna be the franchise guy for the next 10 years.

  • The Boston fans should be happy.

  • They have appear stood and Jason Tatum well deserved.

  • And I feel very comfortable with him leading the franchise.

  • Well, if Jason Tatum could get his number hung in Boston Garden, win a finals M v p and do everything else that Paul did for the Celtics, that will certainly be a good career for him and Jackie.

  • My instinct is that, Hey, Kyrie, Al Horford, Gordon Hayward.

  • Each of those players have pretty specific situations, extenuating circumstances, things around them.

  • But is there any concern about the Celtics franchise losing these guys for nothing, or do you just look at them individually and say, Hey, I get it in each situation.

  • Well, your points a good one, Rachel.

  • I mean, Kyrie, Who could ever explain what's going on in Cairo?

  • His head and Al Horford left for a situation that he thought was gonna help him closer to a championship.

  • Of course, that turned out not to be true.

  • It all, and it all imploded.

  • Gordon Hayward.

  • I understand why he did this.

  • He wanted to spread his wings.

  • You know it.

  • He had these catastrophic injuries that were all freak injuries.

  • I do not consider him injury prone, and I know that seems like a crazy thing to say, but But by the time he did get back and got a chance to be healthy, these other guys have passed him.

  • And so if he wants to be a NOL star again, it's not gonna happen in Boston.

  • So maybe it can happen for him in Charlotte.

  • But if you're the Boston Celtics and you're a fan of the Boston Celtics, it's still pretty much stings when guys are leaving.

  • If you if you're gonna build a foundation of a great franchise, you don't want people walking out the door and that's what's happening.

  • Well, it will be interesting to see as they go forward.

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we got a lot to discuss.

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What does Jayson Tatum's max extension signal to Celtics fans? | The Jump

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