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  • Understanding how to work with files and folders is an important part of managing the information on your computer as

  • You accumulate more files on your computer over time. You may want to create new folders to help keep things organized

  • To create a folder on your desktop right-click the desktop if right-clicking is disabled. You can hold down the control key and click

  • then select new folder

  • now type a name for your folder and

  • if you want

  • You can rename the folder at any time

  • Click the folder once to select it press return on your keyboard and the folder name will be highlighted

  • Just begin typing to rename the folder

  • Double-click the folder to open it

  • Once you have some folders, you can begin moving files into them by clicking and dragging them to the folder where you want them stored

  • Or move multiple files at the same time

  • Just click and drag the mouse to select the files then click and drag again to move the group to the folder

  • To organize your files further. You can add a subfolder just right-click the window and choose new folder

  • Maybe you want to organize your photos by people's names

  • Now we can move some of these photos into the subfolder

  • Mac OS also allows you to add tags to files and folders

  • Tagging allows you to color code by category so you could find items quickly to add a tag right-click the file or folder

  • Then just select the desired tag. Maybe you want to tag all your family related files and folders with the red tag

  • You can click on the tag to see all the files with that tag

  • If you have a folder you use frequently you can save time by creating a shortcut on the desktop

  • While holding down the option and command keys click and drag the folder to the desktop

  • When you release the mouse the shortcut will be created the icon will have a small arrow indicating that it's a shortcut

  • Now anytime you want to view it you can simply double click the shortcut and the folder will open

  • If you want to remove some of the clutter from your computer, you can delete files and folders. You don't need

  • Just click and drag it on to the trash icon

  • Doing this won't permanently delete them, but will keep them in temporary storage just in case you change your mind

  • When you're ready to permanently get rid of them right-click the icon

  • Then select empty trash

  • finally click empty trash

  • Now all these items will be permanently deleted from your computer. These are just a few tips for working with your files and folders

  • We suggest you try them out for yourself and see how they work for you

  • GCF global creating opportunities for a better life

Understanding how to work with files and folders is an important part of managing the information on your computer as

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