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  • Poland is seeing its biggest protests in decades with widespread furia to decision toe almost totally ban abortions.

  • The country already has some of the strictest abortion laws in Europe, but the ban would prevent even women whose fetuses have severe malformations from being able to terminate their pregnancies.

  • The protests have delayed the law's implementation, but hospitals across Poland have already stopped the procedure.

  • Europe correspondent Jean McKenzie sent this report weeks of rage pouring through the streets of Warsaw women fighting to protect what little right to abortion they have against a government that's trying to take it away.

  • It's a process of young people.

  • They love Thio.

  • They left today, but authorities have had enough.

  • Now police are brought in from across the country to break this up.

  • There are just such a surprising number of police this evening, and it just feels so disproportionate.

  • Number of protesters.

  • Yeah, it was difficult because we've been blocked in several times and split in different groups, but by the way, a everybody here Theo Protests erupted after Poland's top court announced a ban on abortions where the fetus is severely malformed, virtually the only terminations allowed here.

  • Shocked by the backlash.

  • The government hasn't enforced the ruling yet, leaving women in limbo.

  • But Dr Paczynski is one of the few doctors still performing terminations.

  • Many hospitals have already stopped for fear of breaking the law.

  • But you're afraid.

  • Actually I am not.

  • I don't know why, but I am not afraid.

  • I mean, I feel the plea inside that I am doing the right thing.

  • So I hope that the karma will save me.

  • And I want to go to jail.

  • She introduces us to her patient, who was admitted in the morning 21 weeks pregnant.

  • Her fetus is missing vital organs and won't survive.

  • But she's been refused determination three times.

  • Boy.

  • Oh boy, They goto Shiva data.

  • Mm.

  • Dutra.

  • Actually, we did hospital Angela pay.

  • Poland is strongly Catholic on the conservative government often betrays abortion as an attack on the country's faith.

  • But even so, this new ban has very little support.

  • Have you picked the wrong fight?

  • Oh, definitely not.

  • This is This is a good fight because we wanted Thio.

  • We want human life to be protected.

  • And so we are very open about this.

  • I am sorry if that if anyone is offended by it.

  • But actually we will not be apologizing for it.

  • Back at the march, the mood suddenly changes.

  • Police close in.

  • A pensioner is dragged from the streets.

  • Others beaten on pepper sprayed.

  • Clementina is one of them.

  • Why the authorities reacting so strongly to your protests?

  • Because they're scared.

  • They feel they are losing the power.

  • Are you gonna win this fight?

  • We are winning.

  • It doesn't look like but we are.

  • The ban could be implemented any day.

  • But protesters?

  • No.

  • This is a bigger battle over which direction the country takes.

  • Jean McKenzie, BBC news water.

Poland is seeing its biggest protests in decades with widespread furia to decision toe almost totally ban abortions.

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Mass protests in Poland against law banning almost all abortions - BBC News

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