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  • gonna get.

  • Hansen heads out into the Baltic Sea almost everyday to empty his traps.

  • He used to fish for cod, herring and flounder.

  • But these days it's mostly eels.

  • But he fears this could be a thing of the past if construction of the tunnel goes ahead.

  • I'm totally annoyed by this whole situation with the Fairmont Belt fixed link.

  • We've been trying to save our fish supplies for decades.

  • Along with researchers, we've tried to keep toward the rules so that we leave behind a healthy Baltic Sea.

  • And now there's this massive project which will just eradicate all the efforts of the past 20 years.

  • Ghana has examined all the environmental impact assessments on the details of the tunnel design.

  • He's most worried that the seabed will be disturbed for years and the ecological balance in a particularly important region of the Baltic Sea will suffer.

  • That's how three main spawning area for herring and cod is in the Fairman belt where they're digging.

  • But there are, of course, other valuable fish species and other creatures, such as the purposes who breed and live there on which are now being scared away by the construction noise.

  • While many people are still resisting the project on the German side.

  • The excavators have already arrived on the Danish coast at a press conference at the offshore construction side.

  • The company building the tunnel wants to demonstrate to international journalists that everything is going to plan and that there's no turning back.

  • You can see here there's a large gap over there and take a dip gap.

  • There you'll go.

  • Toe scope.

  • The biggest working harbor in Europe, is currently being built on the coast of the Danish island of Lowland just for the tunnel project.

  • The Danish construction firm thinks that the criticism by the German environmentalists is exaggerated.

  • We are taking environmental concerns very seriously and we have actually designed the project to minimize any impact we may have on the environment.

  • Anytime we're working, there will be a special vessels sailing around the construction side on, uh taking different measurements.

  • For instance, for sedimentation in the water, the company presents its vision of the future with coffee and snacks.

  • The tunnel won't be drilled.

  • Instead, huge concrete construction elements will be joined together on the seabed.

  • The world's longest immersed tunnel would link Germany and Denmark with journey times of just 10 minutes.

  • Denmark's economy expects the billion euro project will boost growth people in the port of what we have and also hope for a significant financial boost from the tunnel.

  • New investments and thousands of construction workers would revive the small town and could help generate much needed business for the town's only pub.

  • Its owner, daughter Brown, is excited about the plans.

  • Locals are really optimistic the project will bring many workers over the next 10 years, which will generate more revenue for local businesses.

  • Construction company is doing a good job protecting the environment and keeping in touch with locals.

  • But over on the German side, the mood is a very different one.

  • These blue crosses, which can be seen in many places, symbolize the protest against the tunnel.

  • Most residents on the island of Faymann opposed the tunnel.

  • They fear it will ruin its a dilla charm and deter tourists.

  • Karina Woman rents out holiday apartments She's worried our island will suffocate and all the dust, pollution and noise we found that now, during the coronavirus pandemic, many people especially appreciate com getaways like this, but they will become even rarer if our little island is destroyed.

  • Back to fishermen got Hansen.

  • He had hoped legal action would block the construction project, but the environmentalists claims were rejected at the highest level.

  • E don't understand how something like this could be possible in this day and age, and I don't understand our lawmakers who were refusing to stand up and say Stop this, we can't be doing this.

  • The small island of Faymann versus a large scale transport project.

  • The tunnel, designed to bring people closer together is causing much unrest in this border region.

gonna get.

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