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  • the biggest danger to rhinos is actually purchased.

  • Physical humans were the greatest enemies for these animals were 20,000 black trainers in 1970 in Kenya, and by 1990 we had 400 black rhinos left.

  • That's like a 96% decline.

  • I live right here in the Okavango Delta.

  • As soon as they started to ease travel within a week, poaching was back.

  • Ron Approaching is as much of a pandemic in the wildlife sector as covert is in the human population.

  • One thing that tourism does is it puts vehicles on the ground.

  • It puts aircraft in the air.

  • It puts eyes and ears on the ground.

  • E think tourism provides direct job to over 300,000 families in Kenya, and that trickles down to helping conservation areas to survive a kilo right now home fitted something like 60 to $65,000.

  • That's why you see the pattern now on the ground because that filters down to who is surviving on less than a dollar a day on.

  • The pressure on our park is increasing almost on a daily basis.

  • We need the funds to be able to support are very, very dedicated team.

  • We are 24 7 in the field, looking after animals.

  • Rhino Day is actually the kickoff of our on a week, and that's the 22nd of September 2020 and will be running a pretty intensive full program for the week.

  • You actually become part of the backstage conservation operational team off the reserve for the couple of days that you hear.

  • So we have a sequence off nachos that actually get cut into the animal's ears, which enable the rearranges to identify them as individuals.

  • We can't let these animals go extinct on our watch on, Certainly not because of human greed and desire.

  • My final message would be we are charged with that responsibility.

  • We need to do anything we can and they still hope.

the biggest danger to rhinos is actually purchased.

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