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  • Go ahead.

  • Go ahead, Max.

  • E Would salemeh lowball Lemelle?

  • Oh, is the guy with the highest upside in the draft?

  • So I guess like if you're gonna draft in the top three, don't just get a nice piece.

  • If you're Michael Jordan, you need a franchise player.

  • At least roll the dice on someone who might be a franchise player.

  • And Lo Melo fits that description in terms of his passing ability and and playmaking ability and size that the position and maybe potential eventually to play defense will see.

  • But as I said, it looks like a broken shot.

  • And, um, there a lot of question marks for a top three pick.

  • Although I suppose there are a lot of question marks throughout the draft.

  • I want to say this about LaVar Ball Stephen A.

  • Because you brought him up.

  • One thing you could say about LaVar ball like, what are the question marks about his kids?

  • Their their their shot right is their.

  • Their form is funky and is it repeatable?

  • And do they have to tear it down and bring and build it back up there?

  • Not a plus athletes in terms of their explosiveness like some other dude's like we bring up Dee Aaron Fox in that in that Lonzo draft, not just cause he gave it to him in college, you know, in the tournament, but because they are in Fox is more explosive.

  • So those are things that you could rightly criticized LeVar about.

  • But what about playing the game the right way?

  • Like Lonzo, Ball is one of those dudes who could not care less about his stats.

  • Who does what the team needs him to do.

  • He might not have the ability to run faster than some of the other guys or or toe hit the shot, but he's looking to hook up his teammates and be part of a winning team.

  • He has that mentality.

  • And if you assume that Lemelle oh has the same mentality that could be very good for a franchise, whether or not he ever becomes a superstar Max, Here's where I disagree with you about that.

  • And I'm glad you brought that up with Jay here on the segment with us because I'm gonna disagree.

  • I'm not saying you're wrong, but I'm just saying I don't have the same opinion that you have on this particular issue.

  • I think in this day and age, please don't get me wrong, J.

  • I'm not saying it's not important to play the right way.

  • One of the people I love daily is Larry Brown.

  • I would never say something.

  • So sack religious, he'd have a heart attack if I said it wasn't important to play the right way.

  • You know that was his favorite sentence.

  • But here's the deal.

  • In today's day and age, particularly from the point guard spot Max, I think it's important to care about your numbers.

  • I think it's important to care about stats because I think it lends itself towards you, displaying a level of aggression that will make you formidable because of the way the game has changed.

  • When you can lollygag the ball up the court, throw it inside, toe a big man and let him do his thing, that's different.

  • But because today's style of NBA play, it's so predicated on guard play, you've got to be aggressive to be effective.

  • If you are not aggressive, then you're not a threat and if you're not a threat, then you don't impact the game the way they manufactured it for you to impact the game.

  • That's where I'm coming from.

  • J.

  • What do you say to that?

  • I think the mellow ball is a different cat.

  • Stephen A.

  • Like I think he does at the end of day care about his stats.

  • He also cares about winning, but the ball is gonna be in his hands where he's gonna make stuff happen and his best athlete.

  • That's what I'm saying is that he's dynamic and screen and roll.

  • He's dynamic and screen and roll.

  • You know that Stephen A.

  • You could be the best defender in the world if I put you in a Pienaar.

  • Doesn't matter.

  • Doesn't matter how good of a defender you are.

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Go ahead.

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'You've got to be aggressive!' - Stephen A. on LaMelo Ball to the Hornets | First Take

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