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  • Let's welcome in Joe Rogan.

  • He was a part of the broadcast team for UFC 2 55.

  • Joe UFC has been looking for star power among the smaller weight classes, and Davidson Figueredo seems like he's got the goods after his first title defense.

  • What can he do for this division?

  • Well, he's a spectacular mixed martial artist.

  • What he does this different than the other fly weights is he's finishing fights.

  • He has a spectacular, I think, 84% finish rate before this fight.

  • I don't know how much it goes up now, but he can knock eyes out with one punch.

  • He can submit people.

  • He's just a different kind of flyweight, very different than any of the Flyway champions before him.

  • Meanwhile, Valentina Shevchenko, flyweight on the women's side, had Ah, tough victory against Jennifer Maya.

  • She got pushed the distance.

  • What do you think of Shevchenko's performance?

  • Well, Jennifer Maya, her opponent, is a tough woman, and she's a very good grappler.

  • And you saw that in the second round.

  • It's interesting because Valentina is so dominant that in a fight where she wins four out of five rounds, we call it a tough fight because that's how good she is.

  • But Jennifer Maya showed herself to be very durable and she showed why she was a contender.

  • She showed her grappling skill and she controlled Valentin in that second round, which was which big because it showed that Valentina is vulnerable and it opened up the door for other potential challenges in the future.

  • Do at least have some sort of blueprint?

  • Ah, path to victory against Valentina Shevchenko is one of the most dominant champions in the sport.

  • Meanwhile, Joaquin Buckley, who had the kick heard round the world against empire with another ah spectacular knockout performance.

  • How bright is his star?

  • It's very bright.

  • First of all, anybody that could do that in a fight, that viral highlight reel, jump spinning, back kick kick that that Ko that he got was probably the KO of the decade and he admitted that there was a lot of pressure on him coming into this fight tonight because he knew somebody eyes were on him just because of one moment in one fight.

  • But take that moment out and what that young man is is incredibly talented.

  • He's really explosive.

  • He's very smart inside the Octagon.

  • He has a wide range of skills and he's very, very aggressive.

  • He has everything you need to be a huge superstar in this sport and to win again tonight by Ko the way he did just cement that position.

  • There's a lot of eyes on walking Buckley and for a very good reason.

  • Yeah, he said he still has his job at Walgreens, but I imagine that's gonna be coming to an end relatively soon.

  • Joe, we appreciate the time.

  • I appreciate you guys, thank you very much.

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Joe Rogan recaps UFC 255 | SportsCenter

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