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  • man.

  • Some unfortunate breaking news to report Clay Thompson suffering that season ending Achilles tear.

  • We knew when we woke up this morning, the news wasn't gonna be good.

  • But boy, really not good now, based on the type of tear our Adrian Bird.

  • Janowski reports that Thompson has been told he is expected to make a full recovery.

  • But this is such rough news.

  • Clay, of course, miss all of this past season with the A C.

  • L.

  • He was an Ironman before that so crucial to the Warriors.

  • Take a look at the past five seasons, including nearly 22 points per game on 40% 3 point shooting in his last full season that he played Perk.

  • What is your reaction to hearing Clay being out for at least another year?

  • I hated Rachel.

  • I was looking forward Toa watching the Splash Brothers.

  • The game missed Steph and Clay together both of those guys together or must see TV, and I was looking forward to seeing how they was gonna bounce back together.

  • And now, without clay, Ah, guy that could t could score 70 points in three quarters with only taking 11 dribbles.

  • That is just You know, it hurts because I was looking forward to watching Clay.

  • He's actually one of my favorite players in the NBA.

  • Yeah, Yeah, you know, right.

  • I think that what I was looking forward to it was seeing the West Coast battles, right?

  • The Lakers, Warriors, Clippers, Warriors.

  • I mean, they had a whole another element to the championship run.

  • We know that these guys, that contenders and so not having Clay really knocks them out of the loop of that.

  • Now I think it's about them fighting and trying to get home court in the playoffs if they can.

  • A lot of weight is gonna fall on the rookie, and a lot of weight is gonna fall on Wiggins.

  • Obviously, we know what stepping Draymond are about, but those other guys, they're gonna have to step up around them if they wanna make a decent seating in the playoffs.

  • Yeah, and look, we were hoping maybe Lakers Warriors could be a Christmas Day game to your point is, and now wouldn't have that same sort of star power.

  • And it's not just Clay what he does individually as a player, although that is incredible.

  • It's the way he makes Steph Curry right.

  • So much more effective him being a threat changes the math for Steph.

  • It is.

  • If you were coaching against the Warriors once Clay is removed from the equation, how does that change the way you defend Steph?

  • Well, I definitely it opens up opportunities to really go after him and Thio really, like, put two people on him, double him at all times.

  • Really?

  • Try to make it as difficult as possible for him.

  • Toe have big scoring nights, but again, it's gonna come down to those other guys.

  • I really believe that.

  • You know, the Wiggins and the rook is gonna have to really step up.

  • Draymond is gonna probably have to have one of his best years ever.

  • If this team is really gonna be serious, look at this.

  • I mean, they got a lot of spots that with some unknown names that they got to fill in.

  • Excuse me.

  • Fears I'm right there with you.

  • Look, Steph Curry proved to us over these past couple of years and over the course of his career that he could beat you single handedly.

  • So guess what?

  • I'm going to the Nick nurse strategy.

  • I have to go into a boxing one.

  • I have to trap him until he gives up the ball.

  • But look like Fist was saying, Rachel, it is time for Wiggins to step up.

  • And one thing that the Warriors do have, that they do have this great over there.

  • They have culture.

  • They have a great foundation.

  • From Steve Kerr to Ron Adams to Mike Brown to the front office, Bob Myers.

  • And then you go to the players Steph Curry and Draymond Green still to heart and souls of the team.

  • And then you add Andrew Wiggins.

  • What now?

  • He don't have to worry about being the number one pick anymore.

  • He could just go out there and play the game freely and be a second option or third.

  • Well, now, second, I've got since play out, but he don't have to be that main focal point, and I got big plans.

  • Look, people don't know how good James Wiseman is, and I can't wait till he get his MBA day beautiful.

  • He could show the world that he's ready.

  • He has a lot of Kevin going there in this game, and I can't wait to see this kid play well.

  • That is certainly high praise coming from someone who played alongside and won a championship alongside Kevin Garnett.

  • If he has that kind of trajectory, he could be very, very grateful on.

  • Look, we'll see.

  • Certainly no one's crying for the Warriors.

  • They have a two time M V P still on the team.

  • They have.

  • As you said, the number one overall pick with Wiggins, they have the number two overall pick.

  • Now this rookie with James Wiseman, they've got Dream on Green.

  • Former defensive player of the year.

  • But boy, I don't know if Warriors culture can make up for a guy who can shoot the way Clay can shoot without needing the ball in his hands that often or that much.

  • And uh, no, no, no, no dribbling required.

  • We'll see how they make up for this.

  • It is a blow for the entire MBA.

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The Jump reacts to Klay Thompson's season-ending Achilles injury

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