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-Everything that's gonna happen will be determined between you on camera.
-What's your name?
-I am Ryan
-Mark Paul
-Nice to meet you Mark
-Nice to meet you
-You want to go first?
-I am Chloe.
-Haley. Nice to meet you
Haley. Nice to meet you
-Nice to meet you too
-I'm sorry. I'm so excited to hit someone
-Hi, Daniel
-Nice to meet you
-you look nice
-un hun
-Hey Shin
-Hey Jimmy
-So we have to slap each other
-I have to take off my glasses before hand
-Oh sure, nerd
-Just, yes I am a nerd!
-I am gonna take my jacket off
-Okay. I will take the rings off too. Please
-Have you done that before?
-Couple of times
-Have you?
-How do we start this?
-Stretch out a little bit
-Do you want to go first?

-Alright, just do it
-AHH! I am sorry!
-Ah! Oh my god
-Oh. Oh my god
-I can't hear now
-Oh my gosh
-Come, it's okay.
-Can I do it again?
-Do you wanna do it again? Can we do it again?
-We keep hitting each other?
-You wanna do it again?
-Da...da hit you again?!
-Yeah! let's go, let's go
-Let's see what we got

-You go first.
-You can go first.

-No you can go first.

-We got that one slap out, and now we are kind of
-We are gonna do one of these.
-We are gonna do one of these?
-And we are gonna do one of these!
-Look behind you!
- No!

-Look, something's behind you!
-Okay, ready?
-Are you ready? Why am I asking if
you are ready?
-Uh, yeah. You should just..

-Oh, sh*t
-I got you!
-Okay. I am ready. GO!
-One. two, three
-Don't dodge it!
-What? I don't...
-I'm out!
-My jaw might be dislocated
-What the hell. We can make a friend.
-Okay, hold her scalp
-Hold her scalp
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The Slap

16386 Folder Collection
Kate Lin published on June 30, 2014
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