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  • I think emails are weird, along with the etiquette that goes with it.

  • I mean, it's not like texting or instant messaging, you know, like...

  • Ayy bb wanna go out 2nite? (Hey baby, wanna go out tonight?)

  • mmm... i hav 2 much hmwk :( (Mmm... I have too much homework, sad face.)

  • wuheva. i neva luvd u neway. (Whatever. I never loved you anyway.)

  • well im pregnant. (Well, I'm pregnant.)

  • There is no limit to how informal you could be.

  • But when people use email as a medium to contact me, I feel the need to have more... discretion because that's how I see emailselectronic mail.

  • And you wouldn't put "lols" and emoticons in mail.

  • lmao here's your cheque—I'm Canadian, so I spell it that wayfor $1,200. :) (smiley face)

  • #makeitrain (hashtag make it rain)

  • On one hand, I feel the need to sound professional, especially if it's business related, but on the other, I don't want to sound boring and uninterested in the topic.

  • So when you eliminate text lingo and emoticons, you are left with the default English languageor whatever you speakand proper punctuation.

  • But if you're like me, I like to express emotion into my words, especially if it's not in person or on the phone, because I hate when people misconstrue the tone of my messages.

  • So, for me, when I write an email, what ends up happening is something like this...

  • Hey Dom! Just wondering if you're free this week to set up a conference meeting with everyone. Thanks!

  • You can do this!

  • Hey! Um... oops!

  • Hello Christine, um... no, that sounds like I'm welcoming her to my lair.

  • Hello Christine!

  • Nope!

  • Heeeeyyyy... No no no

  • Well, she used an exclamation mark, I guess I will, too.

  • Hey!

  • Good, good. That's good.

  • Yeah I'm free!

  • No no no… I just used an exclamation... I... I don't want to sound like I'm too loud.

  • Yes, I am free.

  • No... I sound like I just escaped prison with a vengeance.

  • Yeah, I'm free. Just let me know what time.

  • Just let me know what time?

  • Just let me know what time!!!!

  • [One hour later]

  • Hey! Christine.

  • A day within this fortnight, fits within my schedule!

  • See you soon.

  • Best wishes to you and your loved ones,

  • Most Sincerely,

  • Domics

  • That's perfect.

I think emails are weird, along with the etiquette that goes with it.

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