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I think e-mails are weird along with the etiquette that goes with it
I mean it's not like texting or instant messaging you know like
Ayy babe wanna go out 2nite?
Mmm..I hav 2 much hmwk(Sad face)
Wuheva. I neva luvd u neway
Well im pregnant
There is no limit to how informal you could be but when people use email as medium to contact me
I feel the need to have more....
because that's how I see emails
Electronic mail
And you wouldn't put lols, and emoticons in...mail
lmao mail here’s your cheque
( I'm Canadian so I spell it that way)
for twelve hundred dollars
(smiley face)
hash makeitrain
On one hand I feel the need to sound professional especially if it's business related
but the other I don't want to sound boring and uninterested in the topic
So when you eliminate text lingo and the emoticons
You are left with the default English language
(or whatever you speak)
and a proper punctuation
But if you are like me
I like to express emotion into my words especially if it's not in person or on the phone
because I hate it when people misconstrue the tone of my messages
So for me
when I write an email
what ends up happening is something like this
Hey Dom!
Just wondering if you're free this week to set up a conference meeting with everyone
You can do this
Hello Christine,
umm..No. that sounds like I'm welcoming her to my lair
Hello Christine!
Well she used an exclamation mark
I guess I will too
Good..good..that's good
Yeah I'm free!
I just used an exclamation...I don't want to sound like I'm too loud
Yes, I am free
No.. I sound like I'm just an escaped prison with a vengeance
Yeah, I'm free
Just let me know what time.
Just let me know what time?
Just let me know what time!!!!
(One hour later)
Hey! Christine.
A day within this fortnight,
fits within my schedule!
See you soon.
Best wishes to you and your loved ones,
Most Sincerely,
That's perfect
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142916 Folder Collection
Laura Hung published on June 30, 2014
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