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  • Henry Rugs, arugula, Darren Waller.

  • They're built in the image of Kansas City, but they are built also in the likeness of Al Davis.

  • You talk about winning within the trenches.

  • You talk about physicality.

  • In the first game, Josh Jacobs rushed for 77 yards at 130 over 130 as a team, and they have their Lyman, just like I like them greeny with satellite.

  • I like my guys coming off the bus.

  • I don't like all these new breed Lyman six packs low body fat.

  • I like my guy eating a sandwich on the way to the O.

  • R.

  • C.

  • Do you like E?

  • I like my men.

  • A lot of guys I've had a lot of guys are C.

  • I feel like tip toeing this week around wanting to say the Raiders air a legit contender in the A F.

  • C.

  • They can prove they are.

  • If they win Sunday night, what do you think?

  • I think we've got to stop tip toeing around it, and I think there's always a reaction to unique excellence.

  • And that's what the Kansas City Chiefs are with.

  • Patrick Mahomes.

  • You know, teams go and they get defenders and they go get defensive ends to rush the passer and try to get to Patrick Mahomes.

  • I think the Raiders kind of went the other route.

  • The waiters Raiders with a round of imitation.

  • It's the greatest form of flattery.

  • They said, You know what?

  • You gotta Tyreke here.

  • We're gonna get ah, Henry rugs.

  • You know, you have a quarterback that could push the ball down the field.

  • We're gonna start letting Derek Carr let it go.

  • We're gonna get Nelson Aguilar so he could be that Sammy Watkins.

  • And so now we see this offense that could go toe to toe with the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • The last time these two teams played, the Raiders had five plays of over 40 yards.

  • Think about that.

  • 200 yards of offense on those plays.

  • And when you can do things like that and get to the pastor a little bit, make it hard on Patrick Mahomes.

  • That's the type of game you have to play against the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • The the Las Vegas Raiders are gonna stand in the middle of the field or stand in the middle of the ring and go blow for blow toe to toe with the Kansas City Chiefs because they could play offense.

  • And that's the type of exciting game you want to see.

  • There are teams built differently that I think could play with the Kansas City Chiefs, but this one is built in his image and likeness the way that Jesus built us.

  • And it's gonna be fun to watch, and I can't wait to see the sequel to the first game.

  • And it's the stand alone game Sunday night.

  • So the stage is so set for the Raiders.

  • But again, Diana remind everyone of the role that co vid might play in this one.

  • Yeah, so right now you have 10 out of the 11 players on this Raider starting defense that our quarantine e because they were in close contact with the player who tested positive for Cove in 19.

  • So this defense has been practicing all weekend long.

  • Oh, all week long, And when I say practice, I mean just virtually having conversations, they haven't been able to get out on the field together.

  • The defense that is out there is practice squad guys there, peace milling Ah, situation here and we don't know what these test results are going to find on Sunday.

  • So far, these players haven't testing negative for Cove in 19, but it's all going to come down to Sunday.

  • And guys, we know how successful Andy Reid is coming off a bye.

  • He's 18 and three and do not down play that victory.

  • Lack thing.

  • The Kansas City Chiefs will not forget that, and they certainly could bring a little bit of that revenge game to Las Vegas on Sunday.

  • Yeah, and bar, you know there's It's a sneaky good rivalry, by the way, between Andy Reid and Jon Gruden that goes back to when they were assistant coaches on the same staff in Green Bay.

  • They were very competitive with each other about who would get more plays into the game plan and all of that.

  • This is a sneaky, good rivalry brewing right now between the Raiders and Chiefs.

  • It is.

  • And when you look at what the key to the first game was was the time and possession you look at the Raiders.

  • They had 35 minutes of time and possession in the first game, keeping you know, my homes on the bench and also daring to be great.

  • You have Thio say, You know, we're gonna be afraid.

  • One of the hitting stories about this entire can city teams that their defense isn't that good.

  • Their best defense is Patrick Mahomes.

  • If you put him on the on the on the bench and you forced that defense, they have to play.

  • And that's what you want.

  • Our C.

  • I feel almost silly asking you this question.

  • But if all those defenders who have been quarantined all week and have not been on the practice field, if they're all cleared to play, which I guess is the hope and maybe the expectation will not, having been able to practice all week impact their ability to slow down my homes, you know?

  • Not necessarily if you understand what you have to do.

  • If you found some way to continue moving, I think you could still come out and play well.

  • I think what impact?

  • Your ability to stop Patrick Mahomes is freaking Patrick Mahomes, and he's just that good.

  • So I don't necessarily believe that that will be an excuse when you come out on Sunday.

  • But you sure can use it after the game if he puts up 405 tubs.

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Henry Rugs, arugula, Darren Waller.

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'This is a sneaky good rivalry brewing right now between the Raiders & Chiefs' - Greeny | Get Up

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