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  • Welcome, everybody.

  • I'm Jeff Lynne now, Steve, senior product specialist and happy homeowner here at leisure landed states.

  • You having a good time?

  • Come on, guys.

  • You're a heck of a lot bigger than I am.

  • Make some noise.

  • Are you having a good time?

  • That's more like So, what do you think of my place?

  • Pretty nifty, huh?

  • It's the house of my dreams.

  • Heck, I'd say this is the house, that anybody's dreams.

  • Why an average guy like me would have to work 2030 maybe 40 years to afford a place like this, if ever.

  • And just wait till you see what's inside.

  • Do you have Jeff?

  • You've got to stop inviting guests over without telling me.

  • Sorry, Laura.

  • I was only and I finally just got in the tub to relax after such a busy day.

  • Busy doing what, sweetheart?

  • Oh, no end of things.

  • First I took a tennis lesson and had a massage.

  • Nice.

  • And then after a gourmet lunch with the girls, well, we couldn't help ourselves, So we popped into that new lodge A jewelry store downtown.

  • Oh, Loj.

  • What's that going to cost me now?

  • Jeff, you hush.

  • I was really good.

  • Just another diamond bracelet.

  • Just a diamond bracelet.

  • That doesn't sound like you.

  • You're right.

  • I don't like to break up a set.

  • So I got matching diamond earrings and a matching diamond necklace.

  • All conflict free and set in platinum.

  • How much?

  • Laura.

  • But, Jeff, they look so good on me.

  • And you should How much, Laura?

  • Well, Jeff, I said, how much?

  • $83.

  • $83.

  • Are you crazy?

  • Why, That's practically our food budget for two whole months.

  • Yeah.

Welcome, everybody.

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