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  • I've had more messages than I've ever had in my entire life.

  • The loveliest messages of some of the nicest people that some of the super incredible people go on, drop me some names.

  • Tell me who sent you messages.

  • Well, what I will say is the royal family posted a message, which was I mean, wow, I was just You know, every time I was shown I still something on my social media just saying who had posted about me to see the royal family do, Ah, personal post.

  • I think that was for me.

  • That was the most.

  • That's one of the biggest on this.

  • I feel like I've experienced in all honesty.

  • I don't do it for recognition.

  • You know, I trained my whole life.

  • I think the most important people when I got out of the race and when I, when I got home is talking to, you know, face timing with my sister, my brother, my mom and my niece and nephew.

  • That was like, you know, and speaking to my dad and my step mom, Linda, that's all I need to decile.

  • I need if there's any recognition or acknowledgment.

  • Actually, the best one your parent tells it, tells you that they're proud.

  • But you managed in that moment when you cross the line to deliver a really powerful message over the radio, just remind everybody what you said in that moment because it was really special for kids out there who dream the impossible.

  • Do not give up on that dream because I am living proof that you can manifest your dreams and even the impossible ones.

  • I remember as a kid, adults, teachers, parents of other drivers and youngsters telling me that I would not make it.

  • Never.

  • You're not good enough.

  • There's no way you're gonna make it.

  • Go back to your country, you know, like all these horrible things.

  • And I remember I'm gonna prove you wrong.

  • So really, I think the message was for all the kids out there who may be feeling that they don't have a voice maybe dreaming something and want to dream big.

  • Uh, well, I've like everyone I've grown up during the royal family.

  • And if one day, um, I am, uh, you know, honored Thio be up in front of the queen again.

  • I mean, it will be the happiest day ever upset to see her again because she's She's just She's an icon.

  • She's a She's such a incredible individual.

  • Lewis.

  • There is one constant in your life.

  • You know who I'm talking about, don't you, Roscoe?

  • Where's Roscoe?

  • He's right here.

  • Oh, my goodness.

  • What the What a fine, fine, handsome dog Roscoe is.

  • E Take Roscoe everywhere.

  • You know, I don't really want him to leave my side.

  • I want Thio maximize every moment I can with him.

  • So is that all the races?

  • Um, and it's crazy because when I when I leave in the morning, the motor home, he's always up depressed.

  • When we leave, come back.

  • And he's just, you know, no matter what day you've had is the happiest moment to see your dog.

  • Just unconditional love.

  • You know what's next, Lewis?

  • I would love to stay.

  • I wanna be here.

  • I still feel like young.

  • I still feel energized.

  • I still feel hungry.

  • And what's crazy is that Yes, I want this seventh title.

  • But we have another big, big fight to win.

  • And that's for racial equality across the board.

I've had more messages than I've ever had in my entire life.

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Seven-time F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton talks to BBC Breakfast - BBC News

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/20
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