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  • no, Cuz Durbin, Ruby is going to university.

  • Why that's remarkable is that she's the first young woman to do so from Kenya.

  • Shauna Community.

  • Numbering around 3500 they are stateless without nationality.

  • They struggled to access basic services.

  • It's like you're goosed in the country that you are in.

  • You don't exist.

  • According to the UN's refugee agency, an estimated 18,500 stateless people live in Kenya, off which the Shauna are the second largest group.

  • They arrived from the former Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, in the 19 sixties.

  • But according to a UNHCR spokeswoman, most were unaware of a two year window to get citizenship after Kenya gained independence in 1963 their Children and grandchildren, unable to prove their parents.

  • Identities, have also been unable to get citizenship, meaning hundreds of Children miss out on a state education even though they were born in Kenya.

  • No seizes mother Angelina remind bartender, was not educated, but her Children were not going to miss out.

  • E resolved that knows easy must get an education.

  • Though she had no birth certificate for no Sesay, Angeline managed to get an antenatal clinic card e.

  • She used that to convince a primary school to enroll her daughter after good exam results.

  • Angeline got no so easy to high school the same way and she raised the money for education by weaving baskets.

  • She's really a person wants if she wants to do something, nothing can stop the hard work paid off, no cuz qualified and was admitted to the University of Nairobi to study economics with the assistance of the UNHCR.

  • The university made an exception and she was allowed to register without an identity card.

  • No, Suzy says she hopes one day to be legally recognized as a citizen and there is hope for the Shauna.

  • In 2019, the Kenyan government issued China Children with birth certificates, a vital step towards ending statelessness Yeah.

no, Cuz Durbin, Ruby is going to university.

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