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  • I have to ask you about this.

  • It's I see it every day.

  • I come here.

  • It's a crow shade pillow with the face of you, Sarah Silverman.

  • And it's here.

  • We've had it.

  • Steam claimed because, well, that's just what you do with anything that's been sitting around Largo.

  • What is the story?

  • Many people have said?

  • I'm sure it's covered in fecal matter in like dried semen.

  • Yeah, I mean, it's a little distorted.

  • Well, first of all, why is there a crow shade pillow with your face on it?

  • Here it, Largo.

  • Explain that needs an explanation.

  • Yes, it does.

  • It does have an explanation About five years ago, I think, um, I won't go into the whole story, but I like I almost died.

  • I remember that you had a medical emergency.

  • Yeah, I had, like, a thing, uh, abscess on the top of my wind pipe.

  • It was either gonna choke me to death or or poison me to death of it exploded, you know, like it's just one of those crazy things at a surgery where they told my manager and my boyfriend at the time, Like it was like a 50 50 chance of survival, but I I am fine.

  • But I was like, in a induced coma for a week.

  • And my other friend named Coco Mark Cocoa Cohen, um, he knows what to do with himself.

  • He felt so helpless, you know, and he crow Shay's And, uh, as a matter of fact, when he first started crashing, he cruciate a huge blanket, and he he was it like he felt kind of emasculated by the his new passion.

  • So he wrote the word twat in the middle of it, just like a huge pro shade.

  • Anyway, you know, Grandma Moses made a lot of those.

  • Yeah, that's such a sweet let's check out looking for that on on, etc.

  • Um, but so So he so he was.

  • So he didn't know what to do themselves.

  • So he crow shade a pillow with my face on it.

  • And then when I got the hospital, he gave it to me, and it meant so much because I knew it just was made with love.

  • And but then, you know, I live in this little apartment and I go, I was a Flannigan ago.

  • I love Mark so much, and I love that he made this, but I can't have a pillow with my face on it in my three room apartment, and he said, Bring it on down to I can't do actually bring it on down to the tear tithe.

  • Wait around like a Mussolini head, he said.

  • That's what everybody does with the stuff that they they're too embarrassed toe have in their house.

  • So, like there's, you know, there's like an oil painting of Zach Galifianakis and a Jeff Garland painting and like everyone just kind of brings it inside because they don't want to throw it out but can't have it in their home if it means a great deal to you.

  • But you wanted to sit in an abandoned theater, bring it to Largo.

  • I think that's a feeling Apple song or the title is It should be.

I have to ask you about this.

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