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  • have you heard about here?

  • They chocolate got into trouble on the A 32.

  • He was out there hunting grounds.

  • They need to go wrong time now.

  • He can't get across to get home.

  • No, he can't get across to get home on all Hughes family awaiting on the other side is the cars and Lorries was by his mom began to panic on despite the noise of the traffic.

  • You could hear her cry.

  • She said Here, you What you gonna do?

  • You gotta get across together, son.

  • You gotta get across to get home.

  • When a farmer in a four by 4 to 30 and a little bit more came speeding along with his Wellington booth, there was more than his windscreen too.

  • And he just didn't see little here on over the head.

  • Chuck wrote the four by four and use Mom cry.

  • Oh, my gosh.

  • I think my son has just been squashed, but she hadn't considered the condition of the council's roads.

  • You see, they were covered in cracks and homes until one of them you had Rome on When his head popped up, His mum could feel her head.

  • Chunk Heart explode.

  • Yeah, She said, Here, you got yourself.

  • You got yourself.

  • She said here you because, you know, you got yourself a crossing.

have you heard about here?

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