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  • Listo Verde.

  • Let's get the starting 11 for Austin FC.

  • Made of Austinites wearing this jersey.

  • We're gonna go to the Classic 433 formation up, Top way.

  • Got our forwards center forward strike here.

  • We're gonna put University of Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger.

  • They're good and pressure moments, and the man is going to score.

  • Goals on the left wing were put.

  • Mr Andy Roddick.

  • He has speed and an attitude that we can count on him getting the much needed yellow card when we need him to.

  • Right winger?

  • Yeah, a newbie to town.

  • But you may know him, Mr Elon.

  • Musk.

  • Always innovative, delivering great ideas.

  • Just what we need on the field at midfield, guys helping control the game.

  • I love this too.

  • Gary Clark Jr and Joe wrote them on the left and right sides.

  • Rock and roll and hooks fall keeping the rhythm in the game facilitating.

  • Uh huh.

  • Stiner mid our number 10.

  • The one and only living legend, Mr Willie Nelson, A grandmaster, a grandmaster, chess player and extraordinary.

  • He will be dictating the match now on the back line.

  • We need enforcers and we need speed, right and left backs the one and only.

  • Ethan Hawke and Cheryl Swoopes always creative and know something about starting a franchise because she was the first w N b.

  • A draft at center backs.

  • We've got director Robert Rodriguez and Emmanuel Accio always protecting us.

  • Never afraid to put the hurt on someone.

  • And that goalie data yours truly.

  • Matthew McConaughey.

  • Why?

  • Because I'm still a record holder for amount of red cards a goalie received in my youth soccer years for two years in a row on the bitch.

  • We've got Simone Biles, a team player in gold medalist and our manager.

  • Another director, Mr Richard Linklater.

  • See you on the pitch.

  • Here comes Austin FC better than police does.

Listo Verde.

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Matthew McConaughey Names His Austin FC Starting XI Of Austin Natives

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/20
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