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  • gravest national security threats at the moment that they step into the Oval Office.

  • And that's one reason why incoming administrations are typically given access to Defense Department building and personnel prior to taking office.

  • Yet instead of following President Trump's White House has barred administration officials from cooperating with Biden's transition team, prevented President elect Biden from having access to the all important president's daily briefs and that he himself has ignored.

  • And he's refused to provide the president elect a secure government line to speak with world leaders, rogue states, terrorist groups and adversaries like Russia.

  • And they're all watching us right now, and they're all aware of the opportunity this transition period presents for their own strategic goals.

  • They will see that we now have lackeys instead of experts in crucial Pentagon positions, and Trump is once again putting his own self interest ahead of our national interests.

  • He is sowing chaos, and we most need stability and exposing his weaknesses to those who would do us harm.

  • With all that is at stake.

  • It is on the GOP, my colleagues, uh, in this GOP to say enough and prove that they care more about protecting our national security than protecting one man's ego.

  • We need to do better, and our national security is at stake.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you both.

  • Excellent statements.

  • My to fair senators will take a few questions.

  • I have to get down to the floor when the vote starts.

  • Yes.

  • Are so the last two months Lot of violence in the streets, whether it's protest or whether it's people bloody and trouble overnight This last week and we actually saw sisters from supporting Hurry me out most each other.

  • Well, all I'd say is all I'd say is this violence, wherever it comes from, is wrong and should be condemned.

  • That's it.

  • The shelter is on the rocks talking.

  • Senator Harris knows this is an important vote, and she's here for it.

  • She didn't need contacting, right.

  • Try entire handling, right?

  • We now, right?

  • Right now.

  • Well, you know, I've talked to the heads of some of these companies and they've done a great job.

  • And there, you know, there's times when the private sector is good in the public sector is good.

  • This was a good combination of both, Um, but I really give a lot of credit to the private sector for developing the test is out on the Trump administration because their main, their main goal is to distribute, get the the vaccine distributed fairly and equitably.

  • And so far they behave poorly on that.

  • Yes, been hearing for months now from Democrats and Republicans that their priority to get a cove in top priority bigger.

  • McConnell just a few minutes ago told all of us reporters that still have not had a single part, E said.

  • We've, well, it's it's leader McConnell.

  • We have asked.

  • I have asked Leader McConnell three times and on the floor yesterday and today to sit down and negotiate with us according to some of his own numbers.

  • They don't even know what he's doing.

  • So this idea Democrats are eager to sit down and get a bipartisan bill.

  • It's on Lee, the Democratic House that has passed the bill.

  • If you want to get something done, we need our Republican senators to tell leader McConnell to sit down and come up with a fair, comprehensive bipartisan negotiation.

  • Next, your Democratic colleagues disappointed a racist.

  • You talk a little bit.

  • Yeah, we've had great feedback.

  • Um, look, we're all very we won.

  • We did job number one?

  • No, Donald Trump is president.

  • And Joe Biden is the next president, and we're all very happy with that.

  • We're working very hard on Georgia, and, you know, we're going to examine the races that we didn't win and try to figure out why Next, um, on this troop drawdown from 452,500 in Iraq and Afghanistan, do you think that this is sort of in line with the public center?

  • Well, you know what I say, I I just learned about this.

  • The trump policy has been so erratic, almost based on whim.

  • What happens when the president rolls out of bed each morning and how he feels?

  • So I don't see I don't have a strategy.

  • The American people don't have a strategy.

  • I don't even know if the military has a strategy in terms of what he's done.

  • Truth.

  • Please, please tell me.

  • Started that last answer.

  • Sorry.

  • No one wants the troops home more than I do.

  • But frankly, to bring the troops home in a chaotic way like he is doing with very few weeks.

  • I mean, literally excuse me to bring the troops home with just literally weeks off planning.

  • Actually, no planning at all sets up a logistical impossibility.

  • How do we bring all those troops back?

  • And we actually will leave the remainder of the troops there in a dangerous situation, Because we're going to have to leave behind our military equipment.

  • There'll be cash shades of military equipment left behind because we lack the logistic capability to bring all that equipment back.

  • So we bring back half the troops by the beginning of January.

  • That means that we're leaving equipment behind that the Taliban and our enemies can fall in on to use it to then attack the remaining troops that are still in theater.

  • This is the wrong way.

  • This is why all of the military commanders have spoken up and say, this is the wrong thing to do.

  • We want our troops home.

  • But let's not bring them home in body bags.

  • And that's potentially what's gonna happen if this president gets his way and puts his own political timeline ahead of our national security.

  • Thank you, everybody.

  • That's it.

  • Thank you, folks.

  • I'm sorry.

  • I'm gonna hurry ahead.

  • Yep.

  • No, no.

  • I gotta go.

  • Vote to Thanks.

gravest national security threats at the moment that they step into the Oval Office.

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