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  • thank you.

  • Be we have off course to wait toe.

  • Wait.

  • Uh, for for authorization and approval.

  • Yeah, if if everything goes well, we could start toe supply the vaccines to Europe and the United States in the second half of December, and and you can see that off course is a Christmas present.

  • Uh, but but it is ofcourse, ofcourse, ofcourse.

  • Most important to address all the questions and too good to get the approval.

  • First, we are working on formulations which could allow us much better conditions for transportation and storage.

  • And we were update on this in the coming months.

  • I expected that in the second half off 2021 we will have a formulations suitable for transportation without any cold chain called chain toe anyplace on the planet.

  • So the clinical trial was successful with regard to off all objectives and and on we have observed 95% efficacy protection from disease.

  • An important finding was that that protection works well in a same level, regardless off the age off the participants.

  • So we have we have more than 94% efficacy even in subjects older than 65 years off age and This is, of course, an important finding because this population this elderly population is has a particularly higher with for severe Cohen 19 disease.

thank you.

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