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  • so we have 3d printers and we have satellites  but what if i told you that this next generation  

  • satellite will 3d print itself in space and  maiden space is doing exactly that called  

  • arcana 1 the satellite could be a game changer  in how we design future spacecraft parking 1  

  • represents a technology development which has  never been done before no one has printed in  

  • space no one has done robotic assembly and no one  has done the sort of in-situ verification that we  

  • are planning to do and made in space seems to be  the right company to do it they're no stranger  

  • to the world of in-space manufacturing which  involves the challenge of printing in microgravity  

  • but since 2014 they've sent multiple 3d  printers to the iss where astronauts have  

  • printed more than 200 parts on board now the  mis team hopes to push the boundaries even  

  • further with arcana 1 and they have nasa's full  support as the project is under nasa's tipping  

  • point project the program granted mis roughly 75  million dollars and a new mission name on orbit  

  • servicing assembly and manufacturing or osambut since that's a mouthful we'll be sticking to  

  • arcana 1. the company's previous 3d printers have  been operating within the safe confines of the iss  

  • but with arcana 1 they'll have to confront the  extremes of space the main two subsystems of the  

  • arcana satellite are going to be a additive  manufacturing extended structure machine  

  • that builds very long booms and then also robotic  arm that then assembles things on the space trap

  • so to help prepare the hardware for the harsh  environment of space the team tested out the 3d  

  • printer's capabilities it printed out a variety of  structures in a special northrop grumman facility  

  • that mimicked the conditions of space the  robotic arms were also tested for their  

  • assembly and manufacturing duties again in  a simulated space environment and so far  

  • everything seems to be working out but how exactly  will this all operate once it's in orbit well when  

  • arcana 1 launches it will head into low earth  orbit and that is where the real work begins  

  • it will start by 3d printing two 10 meter  long beams on either side of the spacecraft  

  • assisted by the robotic arm and in-situ  verification technology on board  

  • it's at this point where the solar panels will  start to unfurl so they can help generate power  

  • and these huge panels will reportedly produce up  to five times more power than regular solar panels  

  • the goal for the satellite is to demonstrate  in-space robotic manufacturing and assembly on an  

  • operational mission in the future this small  satellite could build even more complex structures  

  • like reflectors space telescopes and antennae just  to name a few satellites today have a structure  

  • which is designed to survive the first 10 minutes  of the mission right a 15-year mission needs to  

  • have a structure that can survive launch insense of the satellite that is a very big very  

  • heavy structure what arcana one allows us to  do is fabricate this entire satellite on orbit

  • that's just it arcana 1 is just a test but  if it's successful it could completely change  

  • the way we build satellites in space i mean  imagine what that type of technology could do  

  • for future lunar habitats like nasa's gateway  outpost or conceptual technology that has never  

  • been feasible to fly to space like star shades  or space interferometers and having on-orbit 3d  

  • printing capabilities lessens the need for heavy  payloads and allows astronauts to print their  

  • own tools because as we venture out beyond low  earth orbit there will be a lot of things that  

  • we'll need along for the trip as we explore the  solar system we go further and further away that  

  • requires the technologies that made in space is  working on to enable those long distance missions  

  • sure you could wait for a resupply mission if  you're on mars but it makes much more sense just  

  • to just to print up a wrench that you need and on  top of that arcana one could also be capable of  

  • repairing and building upon existing structures  which could help reduce the need for astronaut  

  • spacewalks which could be dangerous so let's just  say archinaut 1 is gonna have its hands full once  

  • it launches but we still have a while to go before  we see the satellite take to the skies right now  

  • arcana 1 is expected to launch in early 2023  and when it does it could reshape how we build  

  • and live in space for the first time we have  a dedicated satellite mission to be building  

  • very large things in space when we first set  out to start this company we wanted to help  

  • humanity live and work in space and one thing  you need to do eventually is to build very large  

  • things for people to live in and this is the first  step along the way there's no doubt that traveling  

  • into space is a huge mental and physical challenge  it's not like you and i could just hop on board  

  • the next space mission but what would happen  if it did well that's exactly what plays out in  

  • nickelodeon's upcoming series the astronauts  where a group of totally unprepared kids  

  • accidentally launched themselves into space to  join this nail-biting but exciting adventure  

  • tune into nickelodeon to catch the astronauts you  don't want to miss it for more rocket launches  

  • check out our countdown to launch series here if  there are any other launches that you want to see  

  • us cover let us know in the comments below be sure  to subscribe to seeker and thanks for watching

so we have 3d printers and we have satellites  but what if i told you that this next generation  

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How This Next Generation Satellite Will 3D Print Itself in Space

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