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  • at a health center in Nairobi.

  • Nurses Czech teenager Jacqueline Bossy Borys.

  • Blood pressure.

  • The 17 year old is pregnant, something she says wouldn't have happened if she had been a school.

  • No man.

  • But with educational establishments across Kenya closed and her mother out selling vegetables at the roadside, some of us see Boeri would go to her boyfriend's house.

  • Experts working in reproductive health have warned that global lockdowns could lead to rising rates of adolescent pregnancy, and in Kenya, there's evidence to back them.

  • Up in the far northern town of Lord Wa, the International Rescue Committee reported teen pregnancy tripling between June and August compared with the same period the year before.

  • Nurses say the number of expectant girls passing through the doors of bossy Borys Clinic is on the rise.

  • She was there in July, but fast forward four months and on the day before giving birth.

  • Bossy Boeri is scared.

  • Feel anxious?

  • Come on.

  • It is like I am afraid I could say I will never let another man cheat me.

  • Her boyfriend has stopped answering her calls, and her mother, who cares for six Children on her own comm, barely afford another mouth to feed bossy Boeri has at least been accessing health services.

  • U.

  • N warns that pregnant girls are less likely to do so out of fear of being judged, making them more vulnerable to health complications and unsafe abortions.

  • Bossy Boeri had complications of her own, but now that her baby has been delivered by Cesarean section, she is much calmer.

  • You're feeling good feeling like the engineers solve us, your GOP says.

  • Until January, when Kenya's schools is set to fully reopened, Bossy Boeri will be caring for the baby full time, squeezing in revision when she can.

  • After that her mother and says she'll find a way to look after her grandchild, saying the girl has to go back to school.

at a health center in Nairobi.

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