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  • migrants fleeing Senegal crammed into a boat in late October, hoping to cross 1000 miles to reach Europe.

  • Dozens of them are now missing, presumed dead after the boat capsized in a collision with the Senegalese coast guard.

  • Now back in Senegal, survivors like City Guy are haunted by the experience.

  • You have it the person key or there were people who, after falling into the sea and raising their hands out of the water, they called for help once, twice and after the third time you couldn't see them anymore.

  • At that point, you just have to take care of yourself in order to survive.

  • You can't save them and if you try to help, you could die.

  • Despite his trauma, City says he has no choice but to try again.

  • Around 17,000 migrants have arrived on Spain's Canary Islands this year, driven by the economic hardships of the pandemic.

  • Spain's Interior Ministry says that's a 1000% increase from 2019 on that its foreign minister will go to Senegal on November 21st to discuss the issue.

  • Unlike the Mediterranean Sea route from Libya to southern Europe, the wooden fishing boats on the choppy Atlantic do not carry satellite phones and so people cannot make distress calls.

  • 55 year old Aminata lost her son at sea last month.

  • She says 24 year old Mohammed was an onion farmer.

  • Mueller money.

  • I miss him.

  • When I look at this, I cry.

  • Hey, worked hard in the fields He left behind an onion nursery.

  • Insects destroyed everything.

  • I called just yesterday, and I was told all the crops were destroyed.

  • Maybe that's why he tried his luck.

  • 22 year old Abdulaziz paid $700 to get on the boats in October.

  • He says he's lost hope of finding work in Senegal on will try to cross again.

  • What we really want is to stay here and succeed, work here and create jobs.

  • Here we have the potential.

  • We have a little bit of training.

  • We might need more training, perhaps, but unfortunately it doesn't work like that with our government, a diagnosed authority.

  • Spanish security forces said they will deploy at least three boats are playing a helicopter Onda submarine to slow the flow.

  • Okay, however, it's not clear if that will cut departures from Senegal's long coastline, which is filled with thousands of identical looking fishing boats or if it will be a deterrent for those desperate to leave, get rid of.

migrants fleeing Senegal crammed into a boat in late October, hoping to cross 1000 miles to reach Europe.

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Senegalese migrants vow to sail to Europe again

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/19
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