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  • There's still no consensus whether the Timberwolves of the top will take Anthony Edwards or James Wiseman.

  • Orla Melo ball.

  • The Timberwolves have the number one overall pick, but you know the man who knows all that's our buddy Jay Bilas, who joins us live.

  • It has been far too long.

  • Hello, J, and let's talk about Anthony Edwards.

  • He is our projected number one overall pick.

  • So for the fans who didn't get to see a lot of them at Georgia, what is he in the N b A?

  • What does he translate to?

  • Well, he's a super athletic wing that can really score.

  • And with his length and athleticism, he can be an excellent defender.

  • Hey has range.

  • He's a three level score.

  • He's got range to three point on.

  • He could score in Bunches.

  • He's got a middle game, and when he puts his head down in transition or in the half court and gets to the rim, Hey can finish through people over people.

  • But I think the question marks about Anthony Edwards, or does he know how to play yet, uh, some issues with shot selection?

  • He'll settle for jumpers instead of taking it to the rim and forcing defenders to foul him.

  • He only shot about five free throws a game.

  • It should have been 10 and his defensive concentration.

  • Can he sustain it for longer periods?

  • When he gets down in the stance and gets wide, it is really hard for ball handlers.

  • Get around him on.

  • He could get out in passing lanes.

  • He could be really disruptive.

  • But the question is, is he gonna Is he going to do it for extended periods of time?

  • He's still a young player, but I have him as the most talented player in the draft.

  • Mike Schmitz, who's one of the best.

  • He's the best talent evaluator.

  • I know he's got Lemelle a ball as as the most talented player.

  • But Ball doesn't have the athletic profile that Edwards has.

  • And that's why the combination of skill, scoring ability and athleticism is why I have Edwards, number one on the board.

  • Yeah, Schmitz on earlier here, he said.

  • He said, Exactly as you're pointing out, he likes ball.

  • You like Edwards.

  • Most people seem to be pointing to Edwards.

  • Then I want to go to number two because we have a situation that you don't usually get.

  • You have a team that is thinking championship thoughts that has the number two overall pick.

  • So as you consider that situation, what do you think they should do?

  • Well, if they could trade down?

  • Great.

  • If you like somebody further back there, there's a thought process out there right now that you could get a serviceable big guy on the market for cheap.

  • So why would you do that in the draft?

  • I'm not sure I agree with that.

  • I think James Wiseman of Memphis is a great option for the Warriors At number two, like James Wiseman.

  • Five, maybe 10 years ago would have been the number one pick in this draft.

  • Without argument, he would have been the clear number one pick.

  • I think he's a 7 ft one Chris Bosch type player with a 76 wingspan who can really rebound.

  • Run.

  • He's mobile so he could get out on guard, pick and roll and he could get out and either roll or pop.

  • And he's a much better shooter then.

  • I think people give him credit for that.

  • That's kind of the issue is can he knocked down an MBA three and I think he I think he can.

  • I think he's gonna be a now outstanding player in the n b A and and would really fit in well with what the Warriors do.

  • And he's a really smart young man as well.

  • Not that he needs to, but speaks Mandarin Chinese.

  • He's incredibly mature.

  • I think he's gonna do really well in the NBA, Okay, and then I want to ask you about one more player.

  • And that's Tyreese Halliburton.

  • Who is the prospect that it's a name that I'm sure a lot of people have never heard before.

  • But suddenly in the last few days, I'm hearing it a lot, and I see that he's number four on your overall list to tell us about him.

  • He's, Ah, point guard that's got size and really good length, 7 ft wingspan and he can handle the ball really good passer.

  • Not only in transition, but in the half court.

  • Uh, shoots it very well.

  • Shot over 40% from three, both his years that I was state over 50% from the field, so his efficiency is fantastic.

  • Rebounds his position on excellent defender and a maturity level that you don't often see in a player his age, so he may like.

  • I heard Mike Schmidt say this the other day, and I think it's right, like he's got the highest floor, you know.

  • He's gonna be really good now.

  • Is he gonna be a superstar Hall of Fame player?

  • I I'm not gonna say that, but you know, he's gonna be a terrific player for a long, long time.

  • Halliburton is undervalued in this draft.

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There's still no consensus whether the Timberwolves of the top will take Anthony Edwards or James Wiseman.

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