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  • our calls out a specific team.

  • He has done some legwork like there is some understanding about the feasibility of that happening, at least in terms of playing with the other superstars.

  • And as I did legwork right, they've been balling in L.

  • A right that the labor starts bawling together and they want to play each other.

  • They have a lot of leverage on their team, so it's not just hardened with leverage.

  • It's also K d, with leverage if, in fact, he wants him there.

  • But I'll say this perk your right to a two year deal gives him less leverage than he would have otherwise had.

  • If it's a one year deal, you're gonna be stuck with nothing for him.

  • And but let me tell you why.

  • Even identifying Brooklyn and even with two years left, harden they both both sides that leverage Harden has mawr because you're saying, Hey, whoever comes with the best package, he's gonna get treated too, right?

  • Why would another team if they didn't believe that Harden would stay there, you know, mortgaged the farm to get him this like, look what happened with a D right?

  • A d?

  • Well, you think other teams didn't want to give up stuff for a D, but it was pretty clear if you did, it would be a short term rental.

  • He wanted to be in L.

  • A.

  • So they didn't.

  • So they didn't come with their best offers because they weren't gonna make their best offer for a guy they didn't think they were gonna be able to keep.

  • Harden has that same leverage here.

  • It may be that he's gonna have to wait a little bit.

  • It may be that it's a three or a four team trade, but if he wants to end up in Brooklyn, there's a very good chance he ends up in Brooklyn.

  • Uh, but Max, that's not true because the situation with Anthony Davis is that, Hey, if Boston would have gave up the right assets, he would have considered resigning back with the Celtics if he was traded there.

  • Now you talk about Anthony David situation.

  • That situation carried on for a long time for months, for months, where he wants to the trade.

  • I think he requested the trade.

  • I think in December he didn't get traded to the summertime when they had a new GM because they wasn't just about to give him away for what they were for nothing.

  • They wanted to get back the assets that they wanted.

  • And they did.

  • They got nothing was gonna happen today.

  • But where do you wind up?

  • He wound up where he wanted to be Mags Max.

  • But what I'm telling you is is this what I'm saying is, Is that right?

  • Now, Houston, I'm telling you this.

  • I know this for a fact.

  • Houston is not taking any phone calls from no one, including the Brooklyn Nets, unless they're coming with the M V p.

  • Or like you were saying earlier today when you were talking about your five star 4.5 star type player, they're not even entertaining it.

  • Not even.

  • I'm saying look at this moment and they shouldn't, of course, and they shouldn't.

  • But what I'm saying is you can work out a deal with enough teams involved where they can get back a player like that, and Harden could wind up in Brooklyn on hold on, guys.

  • They y'all both right, KP.

  • They're not playing any games.

  • They ain't gonna take phone calls from people Will week offers.

  • They'll hang up on them.

  • Outside of that, though, they are trying to work on a three way because they recognize that Brooklyn doesn't have enough to give them to make them unload James Harden.

  • So they are working on a three team deal.

  • They're working on that right now.

  • The bottom line is, is that they are going to take those phone calls because you're trying to exhaust every means and every measure to see what compensation you can get in return for James Harden.

  • But you are right, KP they They're not playing games.

  • They ain't gonna listen to any shabby office or anything like that.

  • They know how prolific James Harden is.

  • They consider him, or once in a generation kind of player, and they will.

  • They will do everything they can to avoid getting Hoodwinked on this because they know they can't afford to because their franchise won't recover if they get schooled, is why I think you could wind up in Brooklyn.

  • Stephen A.

  • Based on what we're all saying is Caris Levert plus din witty plus a draft pick or two that fetch you a 4.5 players.

  • Okay, multiplex.

  • I think that Brooklyn has enough to get a 4.5 star player, and that could get James Harden.

  • No, right.

  • That's why you needed three.

  • Team needed 30 right?

  • But do they have their assets to to put together to get a guy?

  • That would be interesting to Houston?

  • I think the answer is yes.

  • Yeah, not straight up.

  • They need help.

  • That's why third teams involved.

  • Yeah, and I'm not knocking that, Max.

  • But I'm telling you, what I'm sitting up trying to explain to you is that the Houston Rockets have the leverage Right now.

  • They have all the leverage.

  • That's what I'm telling you right now.

  • In this moment, the Houston Rockets have the most leverage.

  • No, they have leverage.

  • Harden has more, which is why he will be dealt.

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our calls out a specific team.

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Who has more leverage: Rockets or James Harden? | First Take

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