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  • Patrick Mahomes, as you see, was impressed.

  • And LeBron James chime ing in with his thoughts on the grab.

  • Their wow hop, hop, hop eyes different.

  • No question about that, Okay?

  • As we bring it out way we talked about this.

  • Look, there's a million different ways to slice up this play.

  • But R.

  • C I want to start with this because you were telling us in the meeting that you actually are on a group chat that involves some of the guys who were involved in this play directly.

  • What was the reaction of the defenders to what had to be the most heartbreaking play of their careers?

  • Okay, I mean, listen, you know, the first thing they said was, how does this happen to me?

  • And you kind of want to give him my answer, but you can't and listen.

  • There's 27 28 29 other DBS on this chat, and there were no answers.

  • It was just a watch.

  • The film.

  • Pack it away.

  • Come back, get better, you're in position.

  • You had a great day.

  • Sometimes it happens because this isn't something you can explain.

  • I think it's fitting that the two people's tweets we used where Patrick Mahomes and LeBron James, because they're probably the only two people in the world, two of the only few people in the world that can understand what d.

  • Hopkins was going through that can understand that when he was going through the assembly line in heaven before they brought him down here to the hospital, that somebody made a mistake.

  • Somebody gave him a little bit too much hand.

  • Somebody gave him a little bit, too much hops.

  • Somebody gave him a little bit, too much concentration.

  • Whoever was the next dude after D.

  • Hopkins to be born, he actually has toe have an office job because he got no athleticism because he hopped, got it all.

  • When there's three dudes around you and you can elevate in that way and you can hold onto the ball with the physicality of this game, that's different.

  • You don't teach that.

  • You don't coach that That is never anything they have talked about in the meeting room.

  • That's all D hop.

  • And when he said it was just a better catch by I, I don't care that it's not grammatically correct because that played defies gravity that play defies all rules of the game.

  • So you could talk.

  • Whatever the hell way.

  • You wanna talk when you do people like that, It's one of the best place we've ever seen, and it will be the best player of this year for a very long time.

  • And this is why you pay players the amount of money that you do.

  • This is why you sit there and go.

  • Okay, we're gonna make this trade with the first round pick because our second round pick because we want to.

  • You know, I call in college football, done Clemson a couple times a couple times, and I asked dabbles 20 all the time.

  • Like what's the number number one physical trait that you look for when it comes to wide receivers?

  • He never hesitates and said contested catches.

  • He always says guys like DeAndre Hopkins, who could make contested catches.

  • This is the definition of a contested catch.

  • This takes such body control timing on that jump strength.

  • This is why he's got 10 and a quarter inch hands and why they matter to get around the ball and fight the rip away.

  • But this is also a spectacular play by Kyler Murray.

  • I mean, this is why you take Kyler Murray with the number one pick when the year before you took Josh Rosen with the number 10 pick.

  • Because at the end of the day, do you have players on your organization that can elevate the organization that can make plays that you go?

  • There's only a handful of guys on Planet Earth that can make that throw.

  • I'll say it again.

  • There are only five guys on on Planet Earth that could make this play getting away from that defender.

  • Full speed to the sideline, flip my hips and make an accurate throw with the right trajectory that was so special by calamari.

  • And that's why he's one.

  • And Rex.

  • You said it almost as a laugh line, but we should repeat it.

  • Uh, DeAndre.

  • Hopkins has traded this offseason along with 1/4 round pick to Arizona for a second round pick, and David Johnson, when you look at what just what his arrival has meant for the development of the young quarterback alone, much less that play.

  • It is astonishing.

  • No, it absolutely isn't.

  • And you know what?

  • He did this.

  • You got dunked done, Houston Texas.

  • You got Duncan to.

  • And what is the Shawn Watson thinking?

  • What is he thinking?

  • Like, Dude, all we were doing was winning our division every year.

  • When we had this connection, it wasn't just Kyler Murray having this connection with this young man started to Shawn Watson.

  • And so, to me, that's the That's the tragic part of this.

  • If you're Houston Texans fan, but this is unbelievable, and then you're talking about the strength of this.

  • This kid's hands is ridiculous.

  • The fact he's got, he's got it right here to like he wants the ball in those critical moments, Quite honestly, I once the ball, every single time that things snapped.

  • That's who he is that the Cardinals, maybe a year ahead of schedule, they could be on track to win what is the best division in the NFL.

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Patrick Mahomes, as you see, was impressed.

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