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  • ♪♪

  • -[ As Harry Styles ] Oh, hello.

  • You caught me in the middle of telling myself a secret.

  • -Hi, Harry. I am going to ask you 73 questions.

  • Ready to do this? -Come. Come.

  • -Do you live alone? -I do.

  • -And how has your day been so far?

  • -Well, I stepped in a rain puddle

  • and accidentally got a ladybug wet,

  • cried about it for hours after, but...

  • I think I made things right, because that ladybug

  • is going on tour with me as my opening act.

  • -Last person you texted?

  • -My Uber driver from three weeks ago,

  • just to say hello.

  • -On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you about life?

  • -A number that I made up

  • that's impossible to communicate vocally, only with a look,

  • specifically this look.

  • -Least favorite color?

  • -Ultramarine blue.

  • -Favorite color? -Magenta.

  • -What's the best gift you ever received?

  • -A smile.

  • And you know who gave it to me? You.

  • -Wow. Thank you.

  • What's your favorite meal?

  • -A bowl of cream

  • topped with drizzled raw honey

  • straight from the bee colony I'm friends with,

  • and a handful of wizzle berries.

  • -I'm sorry, wizzle berries?

  • -Yes, from the wizzle berry bush that grows in an enchanted land

  • that's only accessible from the old armoire

  • I keep in my garden.

  • -What are you scared of?

  • -Letting my anxieties tear me away from the present moment.

  • Wait, no. Spiders.

  • -What's your guilty pleasure?

  • -Chocolate. -Oh, nice. Simple.

  • -From the set of the original "Willy Wonka" film.

  • -Favorite movie?

  • -Life, directed by me.

  • Shot with my eyeballs.

  • Coming soon to theaters near...and far.

  • [ Balloon deflates ]

  • -Best advice you ever got?

  • -You can save $2 a month on Netflix

  • if you get the non-HD version.

  • -Where'd you get that guitar?

  • -Guitar Center.

  • -Where'd you get that piano?

  • -Guitar Center.

  • -And what's in your cup?

  • -Vodka!

  • -Really? -No, it's tea.

  • -How do you take your tea?

  • -With vodka!

  • -Dream collaborator?

  • -Sorry, mate. I need to get going.

  • -But we still have so many questions left.

  • -I know, but I forgot I already made plans

  • to blow a kiss to my best friend,

  • a beluga whale wearing a bellhop outfit.

  • Thanks for stopping by.

  • And remember, treat people with kindness.

  • Cheers. [ Door closes ]

  • Chocolate kisses ♪ ♪♪

  • Chocolate kisses

  • Chocolate kisses

  • Chocolate kisses

  • I just made that up.


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73 Questions with Harry Styles | Vogue Parody

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/19
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