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  • What's up guys! So if you like many English  learners out there are interested in applying to a  

  • university or getting a job in an English-speaking  country then oftentimes it is not enough to simply  

  • state on your resume that you are an intermediate  or advanced speaker of English you're going to  

  • actually need to certify your level of English and  this is exactly what the IELTS exam does for you  

  • it accurately assesses the test taker's ability to  speak in English and it also tests on all four of  

  • the key areas of the language and these of course  are reading, writing, speaking and listening

  • Now if you're like most learners out there then  you probably think studying for a test like this  

  • sounds pretty boring, right? But today we're  gonna make it a ton of fun we're gonna focus  

  • on the listening part of the exam with some  scenes from the tv series Friends but before  

  • we get into that there's some things that you  should probably know about the exam so at the  

  • listening section of the IELTS exam you will be

  • tested with four specific types of recordings and you will have to answer 40 different questions  what this means of course is that you can train  

  • your listening to improve your comprehension for  those four specific types of recordings. However,  

  • in my opinion, when you do this you're simply  fine-tuning your skills to be able to respond  

  • to and be prepared for those types of recordings  however first you're going to need to work on kind  

  • of the fundamental base of your listening which  the best way to do this is by constant exposure  

  • to the language with that said all that we  do on this channel is to help you to improve  

  • your English comprehension and understand your  favorite series movies and natives in real life  

  • without getting lost without missing  the jokes and without subtitles  

  • like our fan Warren who says that thanks to our  videos he's improved his English comprehension and  

  • even his speaking skills and you can too and it's  going to help you a ton with your IELTS exam so  

  • hit that subscribe button and the bell below and  you won't miss a single one of our new lessons.  

  • All right so in this lesson we're going to use  a few clips to test your listening now the first  

  • ones will be for intermediate learners and they  will include subtitles and even if you're advanced  

  • already this is still kind of a good warm up  for you before the more advanced listening  

  • exercises and if you're intermediate then it's  going to provide significant assistance for you  

  • if you find that you struggle to understand the  recordings without some sort of help now of course  

  • the problem here is that if you use subtitles it  can kind of turn more into a reading exercise and  

  • of course you won't have this luxury on the actual  IELTS exam but it can be a good bridge from taking  

  • you from the point of not being able to understand  anything to later being able to understand even  

  • without the subtitles and then the other clips  will be for advanced learners and they will not  

  • include the subtitles alright are you ready grab  a pen and a piece of paper and let's get into it

  • Now if you struggle with listening then our  Fluent with Friends course can help you a  

  • ton in being able to take your English  comprehension skills to the next level  

  • and we have this free three-part master class so  that you can try it out now in this master class  

  • you will learn the three principles of being  able to understand natives even when we speak  

  • really fast and that is pronunciation vocabulary  and cultural context now if you master this  

  • then your IELTS listening exam will be  a breeze so you can sign up for free by  

  • hitting up here or down description below  and now let's get into the next practice

What's up guys! So if you like many English  learners out there are interested in applying to a  

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IELTS Practice Test with TV Series

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