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  • Hi.

  • When I first came to Australia like the majority of tourists, I landed in Sydney on then Melbourne.

  • There I met hundreds and hundreds of Australia on out of everybody that top of the morning might get zero of them were aboriginal.

  • That's why I flew all the way to the northwestern tip of Australia in brew and drove through the middle of nowhere to meet a small community in the outback where these guys live.

  • Aboriginal.

  • They are the first people to step foot in Australia thousands of years ago.

  • They have their own language arts, flag, music and try our job.

  • You know, now these guys are only 3% off Australia.

  • But their influence here goes back thousands and thousands of years.

  • The next time you think of Australia, think off Aboriginals because they deserve recognition and certainly deserve a visit.

  • That's one minute.

  • See you tomorrow.

  • Meet Ryan.

  • Hi, I'm Ryan and I make vodka from sheep.

  • This is the only guy in the world that can make vodka from a sheep.

  • Here is how first off I use the sheep.

  • Theun, I take the milk, Then separate the sugar.

  • Theun, I make a thing on that vodka is so good.

  • It's got the best vodka word in the world.

  • On every bottle is hand written.

  • Ryan lives in the beautiful islands off Tasmania in Australia with his beautiful family.

  • After 10 years of making cheese from sheep, he got bored, and after tons of research, he created the world's first cheap vodka.

  • With a bit of determination, this small family on a small farm on a small island was able to turn milk into vodka.

  • That's one minute.

  • See you tomorrow, Meet Campbell.

  • Hi, I'm Campbell, and I make a teddy bear every day.

  • Campbell is a 14 year old kid living in Tasmania, Australia.

  • He wanted to help people, but he has no money or job.

  • I'm only 14, but what his mom did have waas a sewing machine.

  • So he taught himself how to make teddy bears from scratch to send them to people around the world who could use a bit of support anywhere in the world.

  • I've made a 1400 teddy bear so far on that act of kindness went viral.

  • People from around the world joined his cause and donated money to raise over $150,000 and helped a ton more people just hold on and think about this for a second.

  • Ah, 14 year old boy with no money or resource is found a way to change his world and the world of many others simply because he wanted to be kind because, according to him, kindness matters.

  • That's one minute.

  • See tomorrow.

  • This food product is sold 22 million times every year in Australia.

  • But if you're outside of Australia, I'm going to taste it for you to spare you the pain.

  • Because this food is disgusting.

  • I almost threw up.

  • This is Vegemite, a popular food in Australia made off yeast that I on million others think this is inedible.

  • While Australians, young and old love it.

  • They put it on toast like it's Nutella.

  • They put it in boiling water like it's hot chocolate and they eat it without anything, either.

  • Mm, even Australian dogs like it.

  • This Vegemite, it's supposed to be healthy and come with a lot of vitamins, but once you smell it and taste it, you'll never want a vitamin inside your body ever again.

  • This'll is the best example of how one man's pin is another man's pleasure.

  • That's one minute to you tomorrow.

  • Meet Greg.

  • Hi, I'm Greg, and I love making things simple for you.

  • In today's world, many people are scared that science is too hard or too boring.

  • Greg used to be a university science student himself until I quit my degree to go live in the wild and after 100 days in the wild, sleeping underneath the stars one he started to look like Gandalf and two, he noticed the stars shifted during his sleep, and that's when he knew there is something magical about the universe.

  • He bought a couple of astronomy books and a binocular and taught himself whatever he learned.

  • He taught others, but this time only using language that everybody understands.

  • He was so easy to understand that in 23 years he thought 100 0 people about the universe and inspired many to become scientists themselves.

  • Greg is an example that science does not have to be hard or boring.

  • It just has to be taught.

  • Well, that's one minute.

  • See you tomorrow, YouTube.

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  • Thank you so much.


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