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  • [humming]

  • MELISSANDE: You were gone a long time.

  • Yes, I stopped to watch a bird.

  • A bird.

  • A cunning black bird.

  • It was going after a woodchuck.

  • And after, where did you go?

  • If you wish, I will fetch Rene Sel down from his work

  • so you can ask him, or perhaps Mari could

  • bring the basket herself so you can peck

  • at her with your questions.

  • MELISSANDE: I only have one question that matters.

  • Have you found a solution to Mari?

  • No, not yet.

  • And look, we have these baskets of well-prepared food each day.

  • Mari does not cross your path.

  • She is in the cabin, you're here in the manor house.

  • It works, Melissande.

  • [tense music]

  • I will not banish her.

  • Your presence is a challenge to me.

  • [inaudible] on the land?

  • I look and see smoke from her cabin and I know she is here.

  • And there is no dark magic to undo the past.

  • My ancestors tried, they were burned at the stake.

  • I don't wish to undo the past, just fix the present.

  • What if you gave her to Rene?

  • He has eyes for her.

  • I've seen it.

  • This is all I want for our wedding celebration--

  • to know that we are bound and there is

  • no woman with a claim on you.

  • So it is a clever fix.

  • Well, it is a fix.


  • Then talk to him.


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Melissande's Ultimatum | Barkskins

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/18
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