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  • the parliament in Thailand has begun voting on whether to accept changes to the constitution as demanded by pro democracy protestors.

  • Demonstrators who want reform of the monarchy and the resignation of the prime minister are expected to return to the streets of Bangkok in the hours ahead.

  • More than 40 of them were injured on Tuesday after violent clashes with police as they tried to reach the parliament building.

  • This report from our correspondent in Bangkok Jonathan head on Nick Millard on camera in Thailand A military backed government is battling young protesters who want a proper democracy.

  • E They've been campaigning for months for a fairer political system, but also for a monarchy that respects the rules.

  • Today that battle got rougher on wetter Well, these protesters are now trying to pull away at this concrete barricades to make a way through on they are spraying water cannon.

  • It's laced with chemicals so you can really smell the tear gas in it.

  • These protesters want to get through the parliament because that's where the reforms they're demanding is supposed to be discussed.

  • They're worried that in Parliament dominated by the military backed party, their reforms, they're just gonna be swept aside.

  • That's why they're staying put on.

  • You can see how determined they are.

  • For a moment, they vanished in clouds of tear gas.

  • How didn't retreat far?

  • There were a few were overcome, right?

  • I never.

  • They've shattered a taboo against even talking about the monarchy.

  • But they're up against the old men of Thailand's parliament, and they've ruled out any discussion of the king thes at the heart of this conflict.

  • Thes days King watcher Alongkorn is often seen on royal walkabouts, raising his profile, but he spent most of this year at a luxury hotel in Germany and has been accused of accumulating excessive wealth and power.

  • Many times, though, still believe that their king is above criticism.

  • Yellow shirted loyalists came out to confront the protesters on.

  • To insist that Thailand must stay a zit is well, it's all over for today.

  • But the protesters are promising to come back again, as they have for the past 4 to 5 months in asking for a monarchy that's accountable in the military that stays out of politics.

  • They believe they're making reasonable demands, but they're up against the state, which doesn't even believe these things can be discussed.

  • The gap between both sides is yawning.

  • Are not getting any closer?

the parliament in Thailand has begun voting on whether to accept changes to the constitution as demanded by pro democracy protestors.

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Thailand protests: More than 40 injured as clashes rock Bangkok - BBC News

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