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  • Aubrey Plaza was on the show the other night and she was talking about about the movie, and she's one person I'm she is.

  • I would think that she's quite unpredictable and how she behaves because, for example, I heard that well, she is Whenever I e.

  • I love Aubrey.

  • Whenever I talk to her, I never know which we never know which way it's going to go.

  • And it's always entertaining because she's such an original.

  • Yeah, I saw you guys your episode together.

  • Yeah, and she's really fun on.

  • I was just curious because I know that this this story is based on really, really two brothers.

  • Yes, they're called the Strangle Brothers Mike and strangled, strangled, thes aerial brothers that wanted to get wedding dates off Craigslist.

  • And that's what you guys have based the movie on.

  • You know, some movies it's like they need to make a movie about Mandela or Lincoln, and sometimes you need to make a movie about two brothers.

  • I just want to get a day.

  • I think it's the same people say, which is the more important we'll see.

  • But the academy we'll see.

  • Yeah, my campaign now.

  • E Yeah, I love that they But Aubrey, I heard that the strangles came and they hung out on set.

  • And that Aubrey was Is this true?

  • She was a little inappropriate with them.

  • Yeah, she just, you know, because they're They're like, they're sure, like how told you about 64?

  • Bigger than that.

  • And, uh okay, so they're big, they're big guys on.

  • So she kept wanting to see their dicks.

  • What?

  • I kept yelling that she's, like, show your dicks as a joke.

  • But then the rest of us like, Yeah, they here's what's going on, you know, because their eye level there, like it's right here the whole time.

  • By the way, I was not.

  • Doesn't mean that.

  • It's well, it's right there.

  • So we might as well see it.

  • Since when does ease of access have anything to do with?

  • Well, then we should see it.

  • I guess we live different lives on Also, he doesn't know Aubrey that well.

  • Yeah, but I was not there for this.

  • What?

  • Like I think some crazy, weird stuff goes on.

  • Whenever you and I think you say that you're not around for the that seems very suspicious to me.

  • I was like that.

  • That incident.

  • If I I'm not going to see what is about to just say you kind of have Thio.

  • Like when a crab hot dog you eat a hot dog.

  • It was close to that.

  • It was something like that.

Aubrey Plaza was on the show the other night and she was talking about about the movie, and she's one person I'm she is.

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