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  • when I know what I'm doing and I'm climbing well, then it feels meditative and very relaxing and beautiful.

  • But if I don't know what I'm doing and I start to hesitate, started, get scared, then it could be a nightmare.

  • Typically, watching free soloing is scarier than doing it, because when you're when you're doing the climb, you know how comfortable you feel.

  • You know how in control you feel.

  • You know, where's when you're watching.

  • You have no idea how the person feels, and so you kind of feel the worst.

  • Then you drive up off the left foot into the thumb press.

  • That's the worst hold on the entire route.

  • So you get maybe half your thumb.

  • On the whole, a zit turned out when I had the experience.

  • It was probably good that it was so high off the ground because I had done so much and I was so deeply in the zone, I guess you know, I was basically performing so well that by the time I got there, I felt incredible on Guy just executed it perfectly.

  • Basically, the last five or 600 for the last 200 m are get easier and easier is Ugo.

  • And so it really feels like you're sort of sprinting to the finish line, and it's like, beautiful.

  • And you're like, Oh, it's just so nice.

  • You know, you could sort of, like, relax more as you get closer and enjoy it more as you get closer to the top.

  • And so when I came over the summit, I mean, it was just like, This is awesome.

  • It was incredible.

  • It is definitely a physical challenge.

  • Toe climb, all cab.

  • But compared to the standards of the day, I mean, the challenge isn't really physically.

  • The main challenge isn't physical for free soloing.

  • Okay?

  • It's definitely a bigger mental challenge than physical e think, regardless of the film, regardless of any media company, it e I mean, at some point I could just have a picnic with my family, look at the wall and be like that is the wall that I climbed once, like that's you know?

  • I mean, it's just it's deeply satisfying.

  • Mm hmm.

when I know what I'm doing and I'm climbing well, then it feels meditative and very relaxing and beautiful.

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What Is Free Solo Climbing?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/17
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