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  • It is a big week for the N.

  • B A.

  • About 20 minutes ago.

  • Trades could officially happen Wednesday.

  • The N B A draft tips off.

  • You can watch that right here on ESPN, Friday at six.

  • Free agency gets underway and the Rockets James Harden is pondering his future, and sources tell ESPN that the Nets are rising the top of his list as a possible trade destination.

  • The thought of teaming up with K D and Kyrie in Brooklyn apparently has him intrigue Durant and Harden, as everyone knows, former teammates and okay, See, apparently they recently discussed the possibility.

  • But there have yet to be trade talks between the two front offices as Adrian Ward Yanovsky joins us now, I mean, my question is, which one of the three of those guys is going to say, Hey, I don't need the basketball all the time, But anyway, that's another.

  • That's another question.

  • What I mention quickly.

  • The Nets have just traded with the Pistons for perimeter defender Bruce Brown as well.

  • So what are the realistic chances that James Harden could end up in Brooklyn?

  • Well, being a lot of factors for trade of this magnitude, but It's going to start with James Harden really being aggressive with Houston ownership management and saying That's where I want to play.

  • I want to move on and I think he's going to have to push the issue to get this because, you know Brooklyn doesn't have a star star to send back to them.

  • The idea would be to play with Kyrie and Kevin Durant.

  • There's certainly be great interest in Harden around the league.

  • And ultimately, how much would Brooklyn give up?

  • Would they give up multiple picks moving forward across?

  • Ah, lot of years?

  • Uh, that's not Sean marks.

  • The style is there GM still a lot of hurdles, but it is certainly on the mind of James Harden and Kevin Durant at this point.

  • Well, they have monster contracts to, though.

  • How would that work out K D and Kyrie at such high salaries bringing in James Harden.

  • They have an owner in Brooklyn and Joe See who is willing to go deep in luxury tax and having three Max players and players like Joe Harris.

  • You're gonna have to resign in this off season.

  • It would be an expensive proposition.

  • There aren't a lot of teams in this pandemic right now.

  • Who would be willing to spend the way the Nets would be to have to do to do a deal like this?

  • Take on Harden's money, long term man?

  • And who would be willing to take a back seat?

  • Like, to me?

  • That's the interesting issues to be talked to.

  • Room exactly.

  • Alright, eso the Rockets.

  • Obviously, they lose the Lakers in the playoffs a D.

  • As expected, he's opting out of the final year of his contract, so he officially enters free agency.

  • What's the situation with him and his future with the Lakers?

  • Handle the issue for the Lakers and Anthony Davis is simply gonna be How long of a contract extension is he going to do with them?

  • Is he gonna match up with LeBron with at a couple years, do a deal for a couple years and then go back in to free agency again?

  • Does he do a four year a five year deal?

  • That's the only question for he and the Lakers toe work out this week, but Anthony Davis will be back opening night with LeBron James and in L.

  • A.

  • Yeah, why not?

  • And it seems like it just ended.

  • I was saying to you, and there it seems like you just cut out of the bubble.

  • Anyway, here we are.

  • I know you're very busy.

  • Lots going on.

  • You'll keep us posted it And you're here all day watch.

  • Thank you.

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It is a big week for the N.

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