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  • It's crunch time here on the jump The ringers.

  • Kevin O'Connor reports that the Celtics are targeting Drew, holiday and trade talks there, one of several teams that have been linked to holiday this offseason.

  • Zack.

  • What would you like to see?

  • Holiday end up?

  • What's a good fit?

  • Well, Drew is plug and play anywhere.

  • That's why all these teams are are sniffing around trying to get him.

  • But to me, it's always come down to Brooklyn and Denver.

  • Denver needs one more move to get right up into the absolute upper echelon of title contenders.

  • And if you gave Gary Harris minutes or Will Barton's minutes to do holiday, that might be the move.

  • And Brooklyn, it's not a no brainer to throw everything at Harden.

  • If you could throw a lot less than get Drew Holiday.

  • He's really, really good and fits well.

  • I love the Brooklyn idea represented, obviously, because they could hold on to some of those assets.

  • But Boston's really interesting.

  • Our producer, Nate was laying out a scenario where, you know, perhaps we see a Gordon Hayward type of move because obviously there is ah, thought that maybe Hayward will not be part of of the Celtics moving forward because of his contract situation.

  • And, you know, maybe you could package of J.

  • J.

  • Redick with him and send them up to Boston and then send some of those Boston picks down in New Orleans, and they can continue their rebuild with that young talent.

  • All right, well, we see another superstar on the move this offseason.

  • After winning his first championship, Lakers superstar Anthony Davis is eyeing a bigger contract.

  • Davis declined to pick up his player option for next season, which was worth $28.7 million and will enter free agency.

  • Dave are Bobby Marks outlined.

  • Davis is possible options, which could include if he were to resign with the Lakers.

  • Obviously, his contract would go up to 32.7 million.

  • He could sign a one year deal with a player option or a two year deal with a player option, which would have his contract expiring the same years teammate LeBron James.

  • In 2022 he'll be eligible to sign the Supermax because he will have hit 10 years of service.

  • So ah, one year deal with a player option or a two year deal with a player option.

  • What are you looking at here?

  • Could it be a longer term deal?

  • Yeah, George, There's no question whether Andy Davis will play for the Lakers next year.

  • Just about what number he's gonna wear.

  • There's gonna wear number three or number 23.

  • I've been told that that that's still could be a possibility where he switches up the uniform number.

  • But I reported yesterday that the Lakers were going to give just those bullet points we just saw on the screen.

  • They're gonna present an offer for one year with a player option two year with a player option.

  • They're gonna present a max and say here, Anthony Rich Paul, your representative, We want you to be part of the Lakers moving forward.

  • We want you to be as comfortable as possible.

  • So here are these options you pick.

  • It will make it work to fit your needs and your wants.

  • And we hope we can continue to grow and give you another contract after this one on keep you wearing the purple and gold, right?

  • Yeah.

  • I think the question you guys wanted to know is is there any chance anything to Davis is not on the Lakers next year.

  • Well, I mean, there's a chance that I opened my door and space aliens or outside waiting to talk to me or grizzly bears out my front door, waiting to Mommy.

  • There's a chance of anything, but Anthony Davis is going to be on the Lakers next year.

  • It's just a matter of like they've said.

  • This is a very easy and smart financial move for him.

  • He ups his salary.

  • He gets himself in line for the Supermax, whatever he wants to do.

  • Like they've said.

  • You just go to Anthony and say, Hey, pick your contract.

  • How long do you wanna be with the Lakers?

  • One of the terms sign whatever one you want.

  • I'm walking out of the room.

  • If a D does pick 23 though, Dave, what is LeBron do?

  • I think you go to number six back what he wore in Miami and war with the Olympic team.

  • You know, obviously you know this kind of a fun thing to talk about.

  • In the past, there was paperwork that had to be filed by a certain date last year when players start to change their numbers toe honor.

  • Kobe Bryant.

  • You know, obviously the rules show the league show.

  • There's some wiggle room with those rules so we could see something this year to look at that.

  • All of a sudden, LBJ six could be back.

  • Uh, you know, for a jersey for you guys to buy E.

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It's crunch time here on the jump The ringers.

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