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  • now, of course, crazy stuff happening in the news.

  • But there's some news that's getting a little buried with everything that's happening with President Trump not wanting to concede.

  • Maybe he's never going to leave, and our republic will collapse Little things like that.

  • But there's other news.

  • Apparently, there was another recall of romaine lettuce do T E.

  • Coli bacteria.

  • Yeah, small story, but I should mention it now.

  • This sort of thing Seems that happen almost constantly, doesn't it?

  • We're always hearing about thes recalls of lettuce because of E.

  • Coli.

  • Well, guess what?

  • We have a brand new sponsor, and they finally solved the problem.

  • This is exciting.

  • It's pretty cool.

  • Take a look yet another E.

  • Coli outbreak in romaine lettuce.

  • It feels like there's a recall every week.

  • Aren't you tired of never knowing if or when your romaine has E.

  • Coli well with constant coli romaine lettuce, you'll never have Teoh.

  • Guess again, because our Romain always has E.

  • Coli guaranteed romaine lettuce in a delicious Caesar salad absolutely packed with E.

  • Coli and every head of constant coli, Romain comes with a recipe for Grandma's tainted lettuce wraps frequently asked questions about acute kidney failure and tips and tricks for dealing with a diarrhea.

  • All right, now we're talking constant coli, Romaine lettuce.

  • I'm full of it.

  • Who?

now, of course, crazy stuff happening in the news.

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