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  • It's my childhood dream.

  • It's very different because I use, like, the PS4 black controller.

  • It feels really nice in my hands.

  • In betweenlike, tennis practices and matches I would play PlayStation pretty much all day.

  • It really helps me out 'cause, like, I'm stressed out most of the time during the day while I'm at tournaments.

  • But then I, like, you know, come home and then I can play the PlayStation, like, chill out.

  • I really like free-world games and also online so I can play with my friends.

  • I think that's very, you know, fun, like you get to unwind after a hard day with your friends

  • And hopefully win more than you lose.

  • But, yeah, just free open world online MMORPGs, that type of thing.

  • Gaming with my sister is kind of tough for me because she's really good at, like, fps's, so like first person shooter, she has really good aim.

  • Gaming is sort of a relaxing thing unless I get really competitive.

  • As a kid you always want to sort of feel what it feels like to be Spider-Man.

  • And for me when I was playing and web slinging across the city, it was pretty close.

  • You don't really think about anything in the world, and you feel so immersed that you're not even thinking about what's happening in real life.

  • I'm trying to figure out if their swing pattern is different.

  • I like to play games like Apex Overwatch.

  • So I don't like horror games, I don't like horror movies.

  • I think this is a perfect choice for me

  • Oh, I can run. Oh no.

  • Usually if you can run that means there's something that's going to chase you.

  • It pulses when you like jump over something or climb over something.

  • And like, my character just slid, so it did this, like, vibration thing that made you feel like you were also sliding.

  • He's in this town that is completely abandoned.

  • And he was like "Are they out?"

  • No, I think they left, sir.

  • This is very beautiful though.

  • Can you imagine playing this in the dark?

  • I don't really want to go in the basement.

  • That's smart. You're smart man.

  • I've actually never played a Resident Evil game.

  • I've only watched walkthroughs on it.

  • Car game fans and especially fans of Resident Evil would really love it.

  • It doesn't even compete with any, like, it's the best.

  • Sorry. There was nothing even there.

  • He's probably not gonna make it.

  • He's making too much noise.

  • I'm sorry. I can't help it.

It's my childhood dream.

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Naomi Osaka - PS5 First Play

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    Miho Ishii posted on 2020/11/17
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