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  • We'll never drink old sport.

  • Forget 2020 This 19 twenties Great Gatsby Immersive theater show with London's first West End show To sell tickets on return from Lock down in October like this is the most ridiculous, difficult adventure of my life.

  • But I don't mind that I get emotional about it.

  • Him, This is the hardest thing we've ever done on Gatsby really is one of the first shows to come back.

  • So how have they done it?

  • Well, on top of masks, cutting venue capacity and your standard social distancing measures.

  • Brian Hook at Immersive everywhere says the entire show has had to be redesigned.

  • We've had to make some fundamental changes to the show, so there are some scenes that we used tohave.

  • For instance, we used to have a 250% Charleston.

  • That was really gorgeous to watch, but it's probably not most responsible thing to do.

  • So we've turned that into a new scene.

  • Audience members Rosie O Connell on Jess Pizza told us they were grateful to be back.

  • It's quite emotional, really like, I don't know, seeing actors doing what they're meant to be doing an audience is what they're meant to be doing.

  • You know, it's kind of sad that is not gonna carry on.

  • I've just cried my eyes out the finale because I perform well, just an amateur stuff.

  • So for me, I'm missing that I want to be on stage.

  • And so to see people performing after so long, it's filled my soul.

  • It's filled my heart.

  • It was great at another theater over in Brazil, another method of reopening this time a play called Val Polo Protocol.

  • It's an outdoor space with small plastic cabins for the audience.

  • Even the actors wear face masks on Don't touch each other, interrupting their movements in the air just before touching their fellow actors.

  • The play's director, Johanna Albuquerque, says they were the first live performance toe open with an audience in Sao Paulo, along with only 10 other stages in the city, much less I Gotta Messina control protocol.

  • Segura's American public uses Cinta Seatguru uh, prosthesis, our chat on in Central Europe.

  • Checks are enjoying take away theater despite being back and lock down Prague troops.

  • Circular politica has opened a culture window at a marketplace building where an audience up to four outside can watch a five minute live show of music, acrobats and dancing inside while still observing social distancing rules.

  • Most agree it'll take new thinking like this to get theaters back on their feet.

  • If you sit and listen to those audience members cheer our performance on and you see the cast members just do their job really, really well, it's honestly one of most beautiful things I've ever seen.

  • So I would say Try, I'd say, Fight for it on There are people out there who need this in their lives.

  • Do not go quietly into the night.

We'll never drink old sport.

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The New Normal: How theaters are improvising their return

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