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  • it inflicted a national trauma on France.

  • The attack on the Bataclan Theater 90 concertgoers, most of them young people, were brutally killed in the heart of Paris by a commando of Islamist terrorists.

  • One of the gunmen was 28 year old Samy Amimour, who was shot by police before blowing himself up with the scene.

  • Five years later, we drive to leisure in Belgium to meet Sami's father.

  • As Dean, Amimour still doesn't know what drove his son to take part in the attack.

  • It was atrocious.

  • So many deaths of innocent people.

  • E was sad.

  • E was angry.

  • I thought, What ingratitude way gave you everything.

  • Yet you did this to us, to your family, in the place where you lived E.

  • To this day, he can't understand why his son became a terrorist.

  • Ah, former law student.

  • Sammy was working as a bus driver when he became radicalized in a matter of months.

  • As Dean says, he can barely look at photos.

  • The memories are just to painful.

  • When his son mysteriously went off to Syria in 2013, as Dean followed and tried to get him to come home, Hey was like a zombie e spent four or five days there, but we barely exchanged a few sentences.

  • I asked him questions, but he wouldn't talk to you.

  • In the end, there was nothing he could do but go home.

  • On November 13 2015, a Siris of terrorist attacks took place in Paris claiming the lives of 130 people.

  • 28 year old Lola Selene was among the victims.

  • She was at a concert at the Bataclan with friends.

  • A young woman with a zest for life, she's sorely missed by her father, George Lula Love to play roller derby.

  • There she is with her entire team.

  • Despite his grief and anger, George Selene agreed to talk with as Dean Amimour, who contacted him a year and a half ago.

  • Hey, he wanted to meet me because he was trying to meet his son's victims families to explain himself.

  • Onda ask for their forgiveness on, curiously enough so I could help him understand what has happened to him.

  • E wanted to share in this sorrow and explained to him that were not at all a family of terrorists, not a terrorist E also feel like a victim, and even Sammy is a victim of a sort.

  • As Dean Amimour suggested, they write a book together, one in which the fathers tell their stories in New rest.

  • Lemon or we still have words highlights the things they have in common.

  • E.

  • I'm very interested in the fight against terrorism on the terrorist accomplices, but I don't want innocent people to be attacked.

  • In the name of this fight, E seems counterproductive to me.

  • E wanted to show that you can even talk with the parents of a terrorist like the Parliament.

  • Always.

  • Now, five years after the attack jar, Selene and his family are trying to resume their normal lives in Paris.

  • By contrast, as Dean Amimour spends a lot of time alone in his apartment in leisure.

  • During our interview, he talked more about his experiences as a film producer, singer and businessman in various countries and less about his son and what drove him to commit an act of terror.

  • Lola's father, George Selene, tells us why he thinks that is, uh, well, as deep didn't see you understand everything about his son on a Sfar.

  • As his son's education was concerned, you could claim he made mistakes, but they were made in good faith on who can honestly say they'd have done any better.

  • The wounds will likely never fully heal.

  • But for George Selene and as Dina Me more, it's important to send out a sign of reconciliation.

it inflicted a national trauma on France.

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