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  • you said that it sounded like another quarterback that people talk about sometimes.

  • What was the comparison in the description that you were going to make?

  • Sounds like the quarterback he coached up in Minnesota.

  • Kirk Cousins, you know, you know, when Kirk Cousins was, was having a lot of interceptions, and a lot of, you know, mistakes up there.

  • One of the mandates was running the football more with Dalvin Cook.

  • And then once they started running the football more, it actually helped Kirk Cousins tremendously.

  • And that's what I kind of hear from stepping.

  • Kevin Stefanski is the fact that, you know, with Nick Chubb coming back, amping up that running game with the Cleveland Browns because I think that's where Baker Mayfield is at his best.

  • When the running game is going and you're able to do the things off of that, the play action pass, the rollouts, all the things that Cleveland Browns want to do, then that will help Baker Mayfield a za quarterback.

  • So when I heard that from Kevin Stefanski, that's the first thing I thought was his his time up in Minnesota with Kirk Cousins.

  • Yeah, it's an interesting way to look at.

  • You know, Louis, it's a big second half of the season, right?

  • What is at stake?

  • Do you think for the quarterback and for the program in Cleveland?

  • Yeah, I think you know Baker is faras what's at stake.

  • He can really go ahead and solidify himself as the franchise quarterback for this football team.

  • If he's able Thio string together a bunch of good performances, especially greeny against quality opponents.

  • That's really been the thing that has been holding this team back in terms of people giving them their due and saying, Okay, maybe they're getting over the hump.

  • Maybe they're turning the corner.

  • Maybe they are now seriously someone to consider in the North and in the A F.

  • C.

  • Overall.

  • And you know what's interesting is when when Damian said that about the Kirk Cousins, that's the first thing I thought of, too.

  • So I guess great minds think of like Damien.

  • Look, when I was watching the Vikings tape getting ready for this week, it is something like that.

  • That offense that they run up there under Gary Kubiak is Kevin Stefanski.

  • That's his offense, that he's running in Cleveland and you're right.

  • The running game really feeds and kind of like helps the passing game grow.

  • And there's no question that when when they're calling plays for Baker Mayfield, he is always much better off a play action.

  • He's much better when they moved the pocket.

  • Dominique has talked about this in the past that when they get him outside the pocket and get him clear throwing lanes, he looks much better.

  • And so, Dominique, let's just make the prediction here right now.

  • They're five and three.

  • If the playoffs began today, they wouldn't make it.

  • Do you think the Browns make the playoffs this year?

  • Yeah, I don't think they dio.

  • I think Lewis started us talking about against good teams, and their scheduled so far has been against their winds have been against a bunch of not very good teams and going forward.

  • If they are able to beat the teams that they're supposed to be, maybe they sneak into the back of the playoffs.

  • But I think they're gonna drop some of those games.

  • They're absolutely gonna lose to the Ravens and Steelers again.

  • Baker Mayfield, in that offense, scored seven and six points against the Ravens and Steelers and only six points against the Raiders.

  • I know there was wind and weather conditions last week, but those are the three best teams they played, and they couldn't muster very many points against them, no matter how well they random or how much they tried to run the ball or how much play action or Baker may feel out of the pocket.

  • They tried to you, so I think it's a little bit of fools gold at five and two.

  • I don't think they're as good as that record suggests.

  • Be interesting to see it as we looked it over before the show started.

  • There are probably two teams in each of the divisions in the A F C.

  • Who are better than them, including their own.

  • But the schedule they do have some.

  • I'm not gonna call them gimmes, but they have the Jaguars.

  • They have the Jets.

  • They have the Giants.

  • They have a lot of games on their schedule, the rest of way that they should win.

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you said that it sounded like another quarterback that people talk about sometimes.

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The Browns' record is 'fool's gold,' they aren't that good - Domonique Foxworth | Get Up

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