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  • (Ace) 'Meeting in the middle of the desert alWays made me nervous. It's a scary place.

  • 'I kneW about the holes in the desert

  • 'and everyWhere I looked, there could have been a hole.

  • 'Normally, my prospects of comin' back alive from a meetin' With Nicky Were 99 out of 100.

  • 'But this time, When I heard him say, "a couple of hundred yards doWn the road,"

  • 'I gave myself 50-50.'

  • Where the fuck you get off talkin' to people about me behind my back?

  • - What people? - You think I Wasn't gonna find out?

  • What are you talkin' about?

  • You said I'm bringin' heat on you. I gotta listen to people because of your shit?

  • You're orderin' me out? You better get your oWn fuckin' army.

  • I didn't order anybody. I told Andy Stone that you had heat and that Was a problem.

  • You Want me to get out of my oWn fuckin' toWn?

  • Let the bullshit bloW over so I can run the casino.

  • Anything goes Wrong With the casino, it's my ass. It's not yours.

  • I don't knoW Whether you knoW but you only have your fuckin' casino because of me.

  • I'm What counts out here. Not your fuckin' country clubs or your fuckin' TV shoWs.

  • And What the fuck are you doin' on TV anyhoW?

  • I get calls from home every day. They think you Went batshit.

  • I'm only on TV because I gotta be able to hang around the casino. Come on.

  • You could have had the food and beverage job Without goin' on TV!

  • - You Wanted to go on TV. - Yeah, I did.

  • That Way I have a forum. I can fight back.

  • They knoW they can't fuck around With me like they could if I Was an unknoWn.

  • You're makin' a spectacle of yourself.

  • Me? I Wouldn't even be in this situation if it Wasn't for you.

  • Every time I meet somebody, the question is do I knoW you?

  • - NoW you Wanna blame your license on me? - No, Nicky.

  • When you asked me if you could come out here,

  • What did I tell you? Do you remember?

  • - Back up a fuckin' minute. - Do you remember What I told you?

  • I asked you? When the fuck did I ever ask you if I could come out here?

  • - Get this through your head... - You never?

  • JeW motherfucker, you. You only exist out here because of me. That's the only reason.

  • Without me, you personally,

  • every fuckin' Wise guy still around Will take a piece of your fuckin' JeW ass.

  • Then Where you gonna go? You're fuckin' Warned.

  • Don't go over my head again, you motherfucker, you.

  • (Car door slams, tires screech)

  • (# Devo: Whip It)

(Ace) 'Meeting in the middle of the desert alWays made me nervous. It's a scary place.

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