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  • the brand new movie Up Rise up, Rise up rise in theaters today you're playing a Haitian revolutionary.

  • This is a homosexual homosexual radio station.

  • I just want to say what's up to all my Haitian fans?

  • Now, listen to Opie and Anthony.

  • First of all, who's gonna believe that hammy The bear is a revolutionary out of Haiti?

  • Him?

  • He's not in the movie.

  • They should let Children out of school to see this movie.

  • They should show it in school.

  • 1st 100 gay people get $3 off their tickets.

  • If you look at my comedy, it was always serious.

  • Just prove your gayness.

  • How bad were gay?

  • I have some some goat meat.

  • I brought you some Haitian food.

  • Goat meat, goat meat.

  • Spaghetti would catch up which Haitians actually eat for breakfast.

  • Wow.

  • Really?

  • Yes.

  • This is this.

  • Sounds awful.

  • Yes.

  • Spaghetti would catch up.

  • Is the Cheerios of Haiti Now?

  • Is there going to be a hammy the bear?

  • Four.

  • I hate hammy the bear.

  • I gave you three hammy the bears.

  • I want people to take me serious.

  • I want people to stop walking up to me in the street and making Bear South Andre.

  • What do you have to say to the white audience here that is insulted, disgusted by your movie, watching 50,000 of their people being killed?

  • George Bush kills a lot of brown people.

  • Nobody had a problem with that.

  • That wasn't a movie.

  • He killed.

  • Someone like really killed him.

  • Oh, I fake killed white people.

  • And it's a problem.

  • There's outrage.

  • How many of these white people actually die on screen?

  • Probably 2, 3000.

  • That's it, though.

  • Stack steak.

  • Nice and funny.

  • Go What?

  • Some motherfuckers.

  • This is motherfucking Andre Allen.

  • And when I listen to satellite radio or scratch my nuts, that is.

  • I listen to Sirius Motherfucking one on one bitch.

  • First take was good.

  • I was wrong on the stank note.

  • First take had a lot of wonderful stuff in there.

the brand new movie Up Rise up, Rise up rise in theaters today you're playing a Haitian revolutionary.

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