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  • So in Toronto, medal a champion.

  • For some maids in Spain, lock down has meant something far more sinister.

  • Being locked up in a modern Spain has more domestic workers than any other country in Europe.

  • It's a huge part of the culture on because most of them live in the houses with their employers.

  • They are just so vulnerable.

  • Thio exploitation on abuse during the pandemic Many have been forbidden from leaving the house or kicked out on the street.

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  • Okay, Star Venezuela Prostitution.

  • Okay, let's personal.

  • Let's inmigrantes In a survey most Parana, Isabella was working as a live in cleaner, earning €350 a month.

  • Oasis compresses elementos Peter Music Nobody, uh, tomorrow's Alimentos Forlan Ocean Salami Tho Cafe on For months, Isabella had to refuse sexual requests.

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  • Maniac A co star Mkanell.

  • What happened when the lock down started?

  • Cynthia Media Procedural 10 years Just a ratio solo gross areas threatened me and desperate me is a temple ferro, but many are still living there.

  • Nightmares We've heard from women who have been imprisoned in their employers homes since the start of the pandemic.

  • It's so difficult to speak to these women because they have virtually no privacy, no freedom.

  • But I'm going to speak to one woman using voice notes.

  • Hi, Maria, it's Jean.

  • How long have you been locked in the house like this?

  • Just a lot of them are so relevant.

  • And, uh, medicine You may contact g r.

  • What's it been like being locked in the house now for so many months?

  • Toronto creases Telco be passed.

  • Maduro's It are sold us in familias seems a little frantic.

  • Messes in Spain, working conditions for live in maids were already poor.

  • Domestic workers don't have the same legal rights here as other workers.

  • Eso trata de trabajo internal cloudy toe moderna.

  • Edith has set up a union for domestic workers.

  • And during the pandemic, she's been contacted by around 100 women who have been kept inside like Maria El Domingo.

  • Labrador?

  • Uh huh.

  • Okay.

  • No, it's a very silly a way.

  • Momentous.

  • Esperandieu!

  • Booth!

  • Gloria was fired at the end of the first lock down.

  • She'd come over from Colombia.

  • Toe work on foreign workers are most at risk.

  • They have to work here for three years before they're allowed to settle legally on before then they could be deported.

  • You only have You tried your complete amity and fork in Espana, in my case for me.

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So in Toronto, medal a champion.

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Spain lockdown: How domestic workers became prisoners - BBC News

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/14
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