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  • this truncated, eh?

  • NBA off season is an interesting one, and we're gonna have the draft next week, and then we're gonna have the season started in, like, six weeks.

  • And in between there, there's gonna be some movement.

  • And if you've been following the news that all you are aware that that movement is very likely to include James Harden and Russell Westbrook and Jay Williams was on my TV show yesterday and told me he expects Harden and Westbrook both to be out of Houston.

  • He was speculating about Westbrook to the Knicks and about Harden to the Sixers.

  • And all the conversation was about, Well, what would James Harden and Joel Embiid be together in Philly?

  • So I had J.

  • Williams back on set again this morning on get up, and he presented an entirely other possibility that I will tell you stopped me in my tracks.

  • This was J will this morning on another possible destination for James Harden.

  • Now what I did also hear yesterday through there's so many rumors and speculation around this, but I wouldn't discount the Brooklyn Nets for James Harden.

  • The Brooklyn Nets have Spencer Dinwiddie.

  • He's been sending subliminal messages about not wanting to be in Brooklyn.

  • He's been out in L.

  • A.

  • For the last couple of months.

  • They have caress, avert.

  • They have a lot of assets.

  • Uh, they want to try to get Joe Harris back, but they have a lot of moving parts.

  • And Kevin Durant and James Harden and Kyrie Irving together in the same team.

  • That could be interesting play as well.

  • Oh, yes, it could.

  • Interesting would be an under choice.

  • What's the word I'm looking for?

  • That would be an understatement.

  • There would be not a strong and adjective as I would have used in that circumstance.

  • And if you know J.

  • Will you know that he is not only very plugged in in general, but in particular very plugged into the Nets.

  • So if he's hearing that, I'm paying attention.

  • And if you just try and consider what that team would be in Brooklyn, I don't know what they'd have to give up for James Harden.

  • But let's just say you've got Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden on one team, and you put J Will and I as the rest of the striding out the starting five.

  • You've got yourself a really good team, and you've got ah, clear cut favorite in the Eastern Conference.

  • It's not even close, and Miami made the final last year.

  • The Sixers air good.

  • The Celtics air really good.

  • Toronto was good, but you put James Harden on the Nets and they keep K D.

  • Then you're talking about a team that absolutely will be the favorite to win the Eastern Conference.

  • That would be really something if that's what winds up happening, and I don't know where it's going to all lead, But I would imagine it's all gonna happen soon.

  • Now the draft is next week.

  • So if part of what is gonna happen if this is going to be a trade is going to be a trade for draft picks, we could be talking about a deal that gets made in the next couple of days.

  • So all that bears watching, I don't know what's gonna happen, But I do think if you just read the tea leaves and this is just pure speculation.

  • But if you just read the tea leaves of what all the people, what their ears to the ground are saying, I think at this point it would be an upset if either Westbrook or Harden are on the Rockets when the season starts.

  • So where they wind up, I think, is still and it purely in the speculation stage.

  • But if he winds up in Brooklyn, you put Harden on the Nets with K d.

  • And remember is in case you need this reminder those to play together early in their careers.

  • They were the stars.

  • They were there in O k.

  • C.

  • And he took that team all the way to the finals.

  • With Russell, it was it was KD and Russ, obviously, where the Frontline stars and Harden was the sixth man of the year and that team went all the way to the finals and lost to LeBron and the Heat.

  • But so they know each other may have a history k d and James Harden, and that would be a fascinating one.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

this truncated, eh?

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