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  • What do you think is going on right now for the Buccaneers and Brady?

  • Listen, the Buccaneers in the most critical point of their of their season right now, the Buccaneers.

  • I don't want to call it a must win, but this is the biggest game that Tom Brady has had is the Buccaneer starting quarterback they have to win.

  • Last week was supposed to be the crowning moment that this is what we were supposed to say that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have arrived.

  • They been in control of the NFC South and they didn't even show up to the game.

  • It wasn't close.

  • It wasn't a nail biter.

  • We weren't trying to figure out which of these great quarterbacks is gonna make the great play at the end of the game to win.

  • It was a shellacking.

  • It was a stump out.

  • It was a skull dragging.

  • And when you have that type of game, how you rebound is important.

  • And isn't this what we said?

  • Tom Brady does, right?

  • He fixed his teams.

  • He galvanized his team's the leadership, make sure they don't play bad back to back weeks.

  • Well, there is a situation where they're gonna be on the road in the playoffs.

  • This is a team that was supposed to be ascending.

  • You get stumped out by division rivals.

  • How will you respond?

  • You have things going on in the media is their infighting.

  • Is there a power struggle?

  • Does areas like Tom Brady?

  • Is it about?

  • Mike Evans is about Antonio Brown.

  • So right now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have to be better.

  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have to win, and they have to show that this team is together moving forward because, if not, they won't have a chance to be where Tom Brady was supposed to bring them, which is a Super Bowl at home in Tampa Bay.

  • That's an important piece of this that you bring up eso Kimberly.

  • What are you hearing from inside there about the possibilities off some of these relationships, particularly with regard to Antonio Brown's arrival?

  • Yeah, you know, I think it's easy to blame a B when chemistry is an issue when offenses look bad.

  • Um, but from what I'm hearing, he has not been the issue.

  • Um, if anything, he has been putting in extra work, trying to get up to speed, trying to get in the playbook trying to develop chemistry with Tom Brady.

  • Somebody described to me is he's going overload, which is what you want.

  • And I think, unfortunately for a B, he's just going to be that piece where you wonder what's really going on behind the scenes.

  • But keep in mind they had issues before he got here.

  • You talk about these losses when Tom Brady does not have time to throw.

  • Look out.

  • It is not.

  • He is not comfortable.

  • Um, you talk about the offensive line.

  • They haven't given him time.

  • Mike Evans wears that connection, and I know that you, Bart Scott, are looking at someone.

  • And it's not even one of the players that is Bruce errands, right?

  • Because I believe it's a class of philosophies.

  • We know that Tom Brady performance better when it goes through.

  • When it goes through the running game, you know he's all about play.

  • Action is all about death by 1000 paper cuts, but Bruce errands the narrative on Bruce errands.

  • I remember going against him in Pittsburgh has always been that he wants to go for the big, deep ball.

  • He want to go with seven step drops.

  • That's not what Tom Brady does.

  • Seven step drops exposes him because it's the lack of mobility within the pocket.

  • So they have to settle down on what type of personnel group is the best personnel group for them.

  • I think they need to lean more a letter for Net and Ronald Jones instead.

  • The play action up you know, four time Brady down the field when you see him dropping back, you know it's all these seven step drops, and that gives the defensive line the opportunity to come back and really attack him.

  • You're trying to have to figure out the chemistry they need to settle.

  • I believe on the too tight insects and go through the running game and let a B B a surplus.

  • Let him be extra, in the words of the great philosopher Rex Ryan sitting in that chair on Monday, no risky Nobis key.

  • No clue is the situation in Tampa.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

What do you think is going on right now for the Buccaneers and Brady?

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