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  • the UK has become the first country in Europe on the fifth in the world to record more than 50,000 deaths because of coronavirus.

  • The prime minister said every death was a tragedy, and he warned that Britain was not out of the woods yet.

  • Today, another 595 deaths have been reported, all people who have died within 28 days of a positive covert 19 test.

  • The death toll now stands at 50,365.

  • According to the Office for National Statistics.

  • 4/5 of the deaths registered in England and Wales were people over the age of 75.

  • Our health correspondent, Catherine Burns, has been speaking to some of those who have lost loved ones.

  • In the second wave of this pandemic, Peter Davies and Steve Horse Ful lived less than 40 miles from each other and died 11 days apart.

  • Both in the second wave of coronavirus.

  • That's been the hardest thing is not being able to hook people.

  • My dad was 79 but I do believe he had a lot of years left.

  • Peter was a family man.

  • He died the week before his 52nd wedding anniversary.

  • He was a brilliant dad who also doted on his grandchildren.

  • He waas overweight but healthy until he went into hospital with a water infection.

  • He wasn't an ill man.

  • He wasn't a frail man.

  • He died purely off cov cov didn't exist.

  • My dad would still be here.

  • Steve was a teacher, but that barely begins to sum him up.

  • He was in a rock tribute band, a photographer, Onda biker.

  • Wherever he went on his bike, he'd take an ice cream selfie.

  • He had asthma and type two diabetes, but didn't think he'd get co Vered at the end of September, though he and his wife became sick at the same time.

  • It was awful because we were both so ill.

  • His oxygen levels was quite low enough to make us realize that he needed medical attention.

  • The last vision I kind of have my dad before his last day waas him in the back of an ambulance in a wheelchair.

  • So sorry that Z, that's the last vision I have of him as a has bian.

  • Okay, really.

  • It's six weeks since Bev lost her dad not even five pursue And now the UK has reached a grim milestone, the first in Europe to do so.

  • 50,000 deaths Every every death is a tragedy.

  • We we mourn everybody who's gone andare feelings with their families on friends as well.

  • The government was slow at phase one.

  • They haven't learned the lessons into phase two way.

  • Oh, it toe all of the families who are grieving to get on top of the virus.

  • Thes people are not numbers.

  • They're not statistics there, people that are loft on that love of the people and their miss Hugely, Sue kept hoping and believing that Steve would be OK right until the end.

  • The shock came when I got a call on the early hours of Friday morning to say that it developed a complication on That is how to stop the reason why it had to stop with them.

  • A cut on his long Andre and you that did everything they possibly could.

  • Bev and her mom were able to see her dad one last time in hospital, wearing full PPE a.

  • He was talking.

  • When we first went into the room, he said, We have you Bean and then started with very, very labored breathing, which was just I can't.

  • Just horrific Thio.

  • Listen to that.

  • You know, my big, strong dad as I saw him, people used to say You only live once and he always used to turn around and say You only die once.

  • Uh huh.

  • But you live life every day and he says, You got to make the best of every day.

  • Su horse full of remembering her husband, Steve, our health editor, Hugh Pym, is with me now, and every story is absolutely heartbreaking.

  • More than 50,000 deaths already in the UK and we're being warned over and over again of the difficult winter ahead.

  • Yes, Sophie.

  • Tragic stories there.

  • It seems like a Neji ago that a senior government advisor said back in March that anything below 20,000 deaths would be a good outcome.

  • Now we're above 50,000.

  • They cover all deaths within 28 days of a positive test.

  • But there's a broader definition which looks at all death certificates with co vid listed as a cause That's more than 61 0 deaths.

  • So where does the UK stand in comparison with other countries where we can look at some of the data in terms of deaths relative to population per 100,000 people.

  • On I've developed economies, Belgium has the highest 119 followed by Spain and Brazil.

  • And there's the UK It's 75 per 100,000 ahead of the U.

  • S.

  • On France on quite a lot above Germany.

  • There for that comparison, it has to be said that all countries measure deaths in slightly different ways.

  • Will have to wait a bit longer for the excess deaths in total, above average is in each of these countries to get ah broader comparison.

  • If you look a new admissions to hospitals and new cases on the graphs, those are flattening out a little bit, which may be a bit more positive.

  • Deaths are a lagging indicator reflecting infections two or three weeks ago on public health, England have said today this trend we've identified today will continue.

  • It will be several weeks, they say, before current lock down restrictions have any impact.

the UK has become the first country in Europe on the fifth in the world to record more than 50,000 deaths because of coronavirus.

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