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  • Lamar Jackson is the best player in college football.

  • Case closed.

  • Thank you all hell.

  • Lamar Demetris Jackson Jr.

  • Second of his name.

  • King of Dengue.

  • Near any defense you put in front of what this man did in that 2016 Heisman campaign.

  • Had audiences and would be tacklers head spinning.

  • Just missed one man Goodbye.

  • Hello, husband.

  • To call.

  • What Jackson did in his sophomore season and offensive clinic would be disrespectful, because that would imply that someone else would be able to pull off what he did.

  • The man amassed 4928 yards of offense, became the first ball player, donning a Louisville jersey toe lift, that illustrious trophy, 30 passing touchdowns and 21 more on the ground.

  • It all got started with one of those performances that lets you know way got a real one on our hands, understanding that the opponent was U N C.

  • Charlotte.

  • We're not gonna short change the fact that Lamar had eight touchdowns in the opening half because the very next week he and the Cardinals opened up conference play against Syracuse and he was still clown.

  • What a Jackson highlight reel touchdown Lamar Jackson doesn't again racked up over 600 yards of total offense against him.

  • After a five total touchdown whipping of Florida State and a similar dismantling of Marshall, the college football world got a match up.

  • That's a dream about we five.

  • Death Valley Prime Tom against fellow high Heisman candidate to Shawn Watson.

  • And it lived up to the hype right up until the very end did not get their did not get there, came up a yard short.

  • That was Louisville's first loss of the season, but it didn't put a dent in the confidence nor the productivity of Lamar Jackson.

  • He racked up eight games that season with at least four touchdowns and three games with seven or more.

  • He was simply unstoppable.

  • I'd like to rewind just a little bit, though, so that Clemson game so we could talk about his competition.

  • There was some heavy hitters alongside Lamar when it came down to who was in the running for the most sought after trophy in college football, and Shawn Watson, off that national champion Clemson Tiger team, received the second highest point total.

  • But it was a relatively easy win for Jackson as he had almost twice as many first place votes.

  • Is Watson down ballot, however, where the likes of Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield, the following year's Heisman winner, and Stanford's Christian McCaffrey Onley one other sophomore in the country received votes that season, a testament to just how impressive Lamar Waas, at just 19 years and 337 days old, the youngest to ever do it.

  • When it comes to Lamar's moment, there were so many highlights that is difficult to nail one down.

  • The first mention of it came at the expense of Florida State in Week three.

  • Now it wasn't because of how important to play was in the context of the game.

  • They doors the nose behind Lamar's five touchdowns.

  • This was purely based off of just how much better he was than everybody else on that field.

  • You know how everybody has a kind of a Heisman play that you see the highlights over and over and over again?

  • What an exclamation point that wound up being the highlights seared into everyone's memory.

  • The difference in game speed was so apparent that when you watch this do play, it didn't feel fair, and it caught the eye of another guy We used to feel the same way about.

  • From the moment folks were introduced to Jackson's cut on dime ability, game breaking speed and pinpoint accuracy.

  • In the past game, Lamar drew plenty of comparisons to another electric force on the field, Michael Vick.

  • And after his run against the Knowles, even Mike had to give props to Young Lamar, saying the kid was five times better than he was at Virginia Tech.

  • You get that praise from that brother and yeah, that's your Heisman moment.

  • One thing you ain't ever going down about Lamar is his authenticity man's been Pompano Beach, Florida, since birth, and he's never changing.

  • And thankfully, neither is the style he had on full display at the Heisman ceremony.

  • I told my teammates I wanna cry, by the way, but oh, this piece, right?

  • Uh, in spite of these spectacular performance in college, 31 players, including four quarterbacks, were chosen before Jackson in 2018 NFL draft.

  • But Lamar just kept doing what he does.

  • Just like his Heisman campaign.

  • In his sophomore season, he won the n f L M V P in just his second year the youngest Heisman winner ever, still has a long pro career and a lot of glory ahead of him.

  • That's not gonna be too fun for those trying to defend him, but it'll sure would be fun for all of us watching.

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Lamar Jackson is the best player in college football.

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