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  • baked cheese house is famous for attending holiday and winter markets all over the country.

  • Their signature dishes reflect a traditional Swiss cheese heated over an open flame and melted onto sandwiches.

  • I'm also trying a chimney cake filled with hot chocolate and a mozzarella gee steak to see which food will come out on top.

  • Eso.

  • Today we're at the Bank of America Winter Village in Bryant Park, one of the holiday highlights of Manhattan.

  • It's filled with lots of holiday fun from ice skating, Thio, gift shopping and, of course, delicious streets.

  • The Winter Village at Bryant Park is inspired by European holiday markets, and its shops highlight the foods and cultures of over 25 different countries.

  • People come to the Winter village to get a taste of Europe, trying everything from hot Spanish heroes to seeing one of a kind, handcrafted Turkish lamps.

  • It is one of the most popular winter events in New York City, attracting over three million visitors every year.

  • We have a 17,000 square foot skating rink that is the only free admission skating rink in New York City.

  • We have a 55 ft Norway spruce Christmas tree with 3000 Christmas ornaments way really have everything here all in one place on We're right in the center of midtown Manhattan.

  • Raclette cheese is extremely popular at winter markets all across Europe and has been a staple of Swiss and French cuisine's for centuries.

  • In fact, back in the 13th century, Swiss shepherds would heat wheels of this Alpine cheese over an open flame and scrape it on pickles, potatoes and bread.

  • Soon after the cheese was named, Raclette, based off of the front would likely, which means to scrape.

  • The founder of Baked Cheese House fell in love with raclette cheese of the European holiday markets and decided to bring it to holiday markets all over America each day here, they sell over 500 sandwiches, which comes to a grand total of 15 wheels over cut used per day.

  • Her brother posted this on his Instagram story a week ago, and I was like, I didn't find this cheese I'm familiar with clap and I love it Way lived in Switzerland, where you really got great.

  • Yeah, what should be my not right?

  • Delicious, really good, Absolutely.

  • It's like heaven.

  • I love it because it's like a show while you wait and then you just start drooling all over yourself.

  • Here it is.

  • I can smell this raclette over the three blocks of the park.

  • The cheese smells that strong, but in a good way.

  • Classic French baguette.

  • You know it's crispy.

  • It just has a nice gift to it.

  • You have the salty prosciutto, she added some scallions and then also some Dijon mustard, so that kind of brightens it up a little bit.

  • But the star of the show is the creamy, dreamy raclette.

  • It is buttery, and it just so comforting.

  • I feel like I met a ski lodge in Switzerland.

  • Listen, we're traveling from Switzerland, too hungry to try their traditional dessert.

  • The chimney cake similar to Rick Let the chimney cake has a long history and hungry and could be dated all the way back to 14 50.

  • Medieval texts spoke of wrapping a strip of dough around a baking spit and spinning the cake over a flame.

  • The recipe for chimney cakes changed over the years, from flattening dough to sprinkling sugar on top until it evolved into what it is today.

  • The owner of the Stack Re was inspired by the chimney cakes on a trip to Hungary and decided to bring it back to America.

  • They came up with their own twist, making the chimney cake a cup for delicious hot chocolate topped with mini marshmallows.

  • They wrapped their homemade joe on custom spindles that they ordered from Europe, and they make them fresh every morning.

  • Oh, my heart just kept to be, Oh my God, it's like my wedding day.

  • Mm, mhm.

  • Yeah, The hot chocolate is rich.

  • It's decadent hot chocolate.

  • This is the really good stuff.

  • We have this chimney cake, which is essentially a nice yeast donut with a crispy outside super soft inside and then the cinnamon sugar.

  • And it goes so well with the hot chocolate.

  • Finally, it's time for our wacky snack.

  • Our foods have come from all over Europe today, but our final contestant is all American.

  • The hungry man cheesesteak The truffle list is known in New York were having everything truffle.

  • They source their troubles from all over Europe and turn them into artisanal truffle ingredients, making everything from trouble oil to truffle hot sauce.

  • Since 2014, the travel list has also attended holiday pop up shops selling cheesesteaks with truffle every winter way.

  • Just wanted Thio show people that troubles could be super approachable.

  • Just take a classic American sandwich like the cheesesteak and truffle it up.

  • So that's are part of our identity is to just be super approachable.

  • They're hungry.

  • Man Cheesesteak is their most daring menu item, filled with truffle oil, mozzarella sticks and topped with curly fries and more truffle oil.

  • Who, with all of this going on, it's kind of hard to have just one thing that stands out.

  • If you like cheese and you're a cheesesteak lover, you definitely should try this.

  • This has so much character.

  • It's an experience you really just gotta try at the holiday market, Theo Christmas spirit is alive.

  • I feel amazing because I ate so many great foods today.

  • But I have to tell you guys my favorite and that waas there's a drum roll.

  • There be looks like the're reason I picked the wreck lead is because that Alpine cheese that's heated in front of you has a dramatic effect.

  • And then the taste is also so dramatic.

  • It's buttery, it's soft, it's creamy, it's warming, and we need that here in the Winter Village all in all it waas Fantastic.

  • Well, that's all for this episode of festival foodies.

  • I will see you next time.

  • Stay hungry.

baked cheese house is famous for attending holiday and winter markets all over the country.

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