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  • I do want to welcome a new sponsor, tow our program.

  • It's a new winery right here in California.

  • They've got a great product That's terrific for this moment right now.

  • Take a look.

  • A great victory deserves a great Champaign.

  • For all the other victories, there's Modesto Champagne, with 30% fewer bubbles and a softer cork pop.

  • Modesto Champagne celebrates your smaller accomplishment.

  • You got into your safety school.

  • You pass your driver's test on the fourth try.

  • It's the not so bad kind of herpes.

  • Yeah, Modesto is the Onley American sparkling wine that can legally be called champagne after France's domain of Origin Control Board declared that it poses quote, no competitive or commercial threat.

  • So whether you're celebrating your 37th birthday, a lateral promotion or christening the boat you bought on Craigslist, get the champagne.

  • Critics have called possible fine for the price and not good slash Not bad.

  • Modesto Champagne Official champagne of Trump's second place finish in the U.

  • S.

I do want to welcome a new sponsor, tow our program.

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Celebrate Small Accomplishments With Modesto Champagne - CONAN on TBS

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