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  • Where does Derrick Henry rank as the NFL MVP this season?

  • Go ahead, Max.

  • Well, I love me some Derrick Henry and I apologize to either, UM K C.

  • Joyner, the football scientists, Warren Sharp from Sharp analytics and I don't have them both On my radio show, The Max Kellerman Show to Eastern on ESPN Radio.

  • Stephen A.

  • As you know on Guy said, I forgot which one told me, but it's all about the offensive line.

  • Good offense, A good run blocking You could take a make a bad back, look good.

  • Bad run blocking a great back will look bad.

  • The rial value of a running back like Derrick Henry is on his 3/100 Carrie.

  • He's his effective is on his first.

  • It frees up a roster spot er, to to step to stock with other positions.

  • That gives you more depth and versatility.

  • That's the actual value of a running back.

  • I don't think they could be an M V p in this NFL.

  • You're probably right.

  • I would tell you that he's probably like fourth or fifth on the list behind various quarterbacks.

  • Obviously, when you consider Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, those names come to mind.

  • Um, you know, But I would tell you that he's right up there.

  • I think he's top five, but I certainly wouldn't put him higher and forth.

  • All right, we've got another question.

  • Order When Here we come.

  • Hey, first take my question today is how confident are you?

  • The Seahawks will win the NFC.

  • I'm not confident at all.

  • Their defense is absolutely, positively pathetic.

  • Um, you know, they got to get that.

  • They got to get that.

  • Sure.

  • Doug Jamal Adams.

  • I love the fact that they got him there.

  • But Pete Carroll?

  • He's got a defensive background.

  • He's a former defensive coordinator.

  • He's a Super Bowl champion on the collegiate level.

  • I'm sorry.

  • He's a Super Bowl champion with the Seattle Seahawks.

  • He's won the national championship on the collegiate level at U.

  • S.

  • C.

  • We know Pete Carroll to be an elite coach.

  • I never thought in my wildest dreams he'd have a defense so horrific there's no way in hell in Seattle Seahawks gonna win a zoo long as they're playing defense like this, regardless of D.

  • K.

  • Metcalf and Russell Wilson and Tyler Lockett.

  • I agree, although I think that Jamal Adams disappointing season.

  • Stephen A has to do with injury and then Rusty nous and I think as that was the tipping point for me when they got Jamal Adams, I switched my preseason pick.

  • Saints to Seahawks.

  • Their defense has been horrendous.

  • Russell Wilson can't be asked to win a shootout every single week and wind up winning the Super Bowl like that.

  • But I do think Jamal Adams play will improve as the season goes on, and that may be a tipping point on that defense to just keep them respectable enough.

  • T get them over the hump.

  • That said, at this moment, I do not have a lot of confidence.

  • They get out of the NFC Seahawks defense have allowed the second most yards in the NFL.

  • All right, one more question here from our armed forces.

  • Hey, first, take a question for you.

  • What should the Pats do with Cam Newton after his one year contract?

  • Depends on how he looks.

  • If he shows, you could throw the football more effectively and they get them additional weapons, you keep him.

  • If not, you let him go and you just rebuild and retool.

  • That's what you have to do.

  • I would say, like if it really totally depends on their record, if they can snag a great quarterback in the draft because the roof falls in, then you move on and you draft and you rebuild.

  • But otherwise I will remind people to plays away from a five and three record record with four excellent wins, two plays away.

  • Instead, they're three and five, their season still not over.

  • Let's see how it plays out.

  • But unless you could do better than Cam, you keep him.

  • And I don't think it's a ZZ, as people think it is to do better than camp.

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Where does Derrick Henry rank as the NFL MVP this season?

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Can Derrick Henry win MVP? Will the Seahawks win the NFC? What is Cam Newton's future? | First Take

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