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  • 66 is just America.

  • To me, the people, the vibe, the food.

  • It's like stepping back in time.

  • If you grew up in the 60 seventies or eighties, it's like stepping back into that era and just living over bringing.

  • I'm Rob Marmi in and this is my wife, Ali, and we're from Atlanta, Georgia.

  • We've been on about a three month trip around the entire United States, and the main purpose of it was to see the National Parks Sea Route 66 the best.

  • The best stretch is from Kingman, Arizona.

  • Thio took him carrying in Mexico, the most preserved of the route £66.

  • You could do that in a week and a half to two weeks from Kingman, Arizona, to Salim in Arizona.

  • That was the inspiration for the cars movie.

  • I'm so excited we are at the Hackberry General Store.

  • This place opened up in 1934.

  • It's actually the inspiration for the curio shop in the Disney Pixar movie cars.

  • I've got the inspiration for tow mater, So word on the street is that this roadkill cafe behind me is a great place to stop and eat.

  • We had a we had a roadkill burger on.

  • For the record, they don't actually use road kill to make the food with which I was concerned about it.

  • First, the next big one would be Williams.

  • Arizona, which is kind of known as the gateway to the Grand Canyon, got into the Grand Canyon Park and there's not a ton of people here were at this viewpoint by ourselves and check out this rainbow behind me.

  • It was actually a double rainbow are over the whole canyon at times.

  • Holbrooke That's actually the gateway to the petrified Forest.

  • And there we actually stayed at the Wigwam Motel, which was absolutely incredible experience.

  • You definitely want to save at least a couple of nights for two comparing because they have the most beautiful restored hotels.

  • Uh, they are amazing.

  • We actually stayed in two different hotels and to carry just to get the feel of them Motel safari on the Road Runner Lodge.

  • I was really in the photography by wasn't a professional.

  • I took this picture of, uh at Oxbow Bend and Grand Teton National Park, and actually, Lonely Planet bought that picture and put it on the cover of their Yellowstone and Grand Teton guidebook kind of gave us the confidence in the push To say this is something that you could do, that you could make this make this your living.

  • I highly recommend it.

  • You should come here.

  • Check it out, guys.

  • Mm.

66 is just America.

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Discover how road tripping on Route 66 is like driving back in time

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/13
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